Let me start this by saying that I have been with this franchise since CE and I have loved every Halo game (and honestly I don't see what everyone hated so much about Reach). However, I have two serious complaints about Halo 4. One is the lack of a respawn time in multiplayer, as it can be a bit gamebreaking at times. The other, which is probably a little easier to fix, is the removal of the classic emblems. While I think it's a bit ridiculous to have to unlock emblems and backgrounds in the first place, it's absolutely unacceptable to remove the old emblems everyone loved. I've been using the Smiley Face ever since Halo 2, and I just don't feel like Lemons For Hire without it. Would love for this to get some attention, and hopefully get changed. I mean, if you have to, make me unlock it. I just want my Blam! Smiley Face back.
I personally love that you have to unlock things. If you play Halo as an avid player then you will have no trouble unlocking anything.

So far I'm only 35 so I don't know if I've unlocked all the emblems yet but I did notice that when I do unlock them, memories fly into my head. The sword with wings is what I've been using since Halo 2 and plan on using it until they take it away from the Halo franchise.

Maybe the smiley face is at a higher level?
Skull king in a blue plasma fireball was my favorite emblem to use, for both 3 and Reach. Would like to have that again
i cant use my emblem that i used for every halo i played and probably wont get it for a long time because its not even unlocked yet plus it will probably be one of those were you need challenges for it :/
Unfortunately, it's not even included in the game, same as several others. Here's the cart of all the emblems and when they unlock.
ain't gonna happen. :/ sorry
Matt Grimes FTL;1701220 wrote:
ain't gonna happen. :/ sorry

If it's not going to be updated (after all, the game was released 3 days ago), I would at least want some kind of explanation as to why they would remove emblems that have been in the franchise for 8 years.
Thank goodness the skull king emblem is still there I would be lost without it. It was given to me by default in halo 3 and I have used it ever since, as was my in game tag K40 which I have used since halo 3. I carnt wait to get to lvl 36 now. woop woop.
I agree, stop limiting us on things in this game and start adding!
I don't care that you have to unlock emblems, but when I found out that the classic Blam 2 background wasn't included, I immediately felt a surge of annoyance. I've used that emblem background for seven years, and now it's taken out?