MARK VII : ZVEZDA, MARK V [B] : EVA, YOROI : CHONMAGE, and RAKSHASA : STRIBOG, are all very similar helmets, and even look more similar with their attachments.

I was very disappointed in the huge lack of cross-attachments for MARK VII in this drop pod. There are many other attachments that would look nice on other helmets in the same core.

However, when expanding to cross-core attachments, a good place to start would be with helmets that are essentially “remakes” for other cores, and make the majority of their unique attachments cross-core with each other where compatible.

The ZVEZDA TAS/DROCTULF should fit perfectly with the similar astronaut helmets from the other above cores, and vice-versa with their unique attachments on each other, like CHONMAGE WINDBLOWN MASK should fit nicely on the other 3 as well.

Things like this are suggestions to consider moving forward on the months/years it’ll take until we actually get full cross-core.

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