Zoom Not Working In Default Control Layout

I’m having some trouble with the default layout. The zoom button (clicking down the left thumbstick) does nothing. I can change the layout to one that allows zooming on the right thumbstick and it works, and the new function on the left thumbstick does work (crouch I think) so it’s not a problem with the left thumbstick on the controller not working. I’ve checked and it seems to be the same on all layouts that have the zoom on the left thumbstick, the button that is supposed to zoom does nothing.

Zoom is only for The snipers (humn\covenant\forerunner)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I tested all of this with a human sniper rifle. ZeRo PherNix, in my original post I stated that I was able to get the zoom to work when the right thumbstick was the button for it, but never worked for the left thumbstick zoom configurations. I did test to ensure that the left thumbstick button was working. This is a genuine bug, not user error.

Oh!, maybe the problem is because the left thumbstick zoom configuration is the only with the Smart scope in a diferent button, on other configurations Smart scope and zoom are on the same button.