Zoom level not resetting on dual zoom weapons

Taking damage or performing actions that force you out of ADS in Halo Infinite does not reset the zoom level on next ADS with dual zoom weapons. So, if you’re zoomed in x10 with a Sniper and your target engages you and hits you, forcing you out of ADS, when you zoom back in you will be at x10 zoom again, making accurate fire extremely difficult due to the now often excessive zoom for the active engagement.

This is unlike prior Halo games where you always start at first zoom level, and have to zoom in again to get to the second level of zoom, regardless of what happened beforehand.

It also leads to further irritation in that if you reload when at x10 zoom and don’t ADS for a while, when a target suddenly appears at close-medium range and you ADS, you’ll be at x10 zoom and won’t be able to effectively engage them. In this situation, from the point where your weapon is at your hip, to the point where you’re at the first level of zoom most ideal for the range, you have to click the thumbstick 3 TIMES to get to the first zoom level - first to zoom to x10, then to come out of ADS, then to ADS to first level of zoom at x5.

This is a serious irritation as it makes ADS with dual zoom weapons inconsistent, leading to lots of missed kills and unnecessary deaths. It means that from the moment the first shots hit you it is almost impossible to accurately engage your target with a sniper if you were at x10 when you first took damage, as no-scoping is no longer accurate, and fat chance you’re hitting a strafing enemy that’s shooting you, at x10 zoom, at anything but long range. You’ll fail to make a shot, then take damage, forcing you out of ADS, then when you scope back in you’ll be at x10 zoom again, over and over again, until you’re dead.

Please change it back to the way its always been before. One click to zoom to first level, second click to zoom to second level, on all dual zoom weapons, regardless of circumstance.

Thanks. Love the game so far apart from the few problems, but I’m sure these will get worked out as time goes on.

(ADS = Aim Down Sight)


Yea I actually noticed this the other day and was very confused when it happened.

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Should be added as a toggle. Since going back into 10X zoom is helpful in BTB but less than ideal in arena.

I don’t even like the larger zoom options and I have no problem hitting enemies at basically any range just using the lowest zoom offered. In fact I think the sniper zoom is just way too much on the lowest setting.

Combine that with having to zoom in and descope to get back to the low magnification when I decide to use the scope and, I tend to let my teammates grab them and I’ll do it if I don’t have a teammate nearby

I thought my zoom was bugging out, expect the 5x but getting the 10x. Extremely annoying

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It’s also very annoying playing the campaign.

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I filed a bug for this - I guess it wasn’t fixed yet :frowning:

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I’m trash with zoom anyway. 120 FOV no scopes or nothing. I almost always miss when zoomed. It makes aiming feel super weird, almost unresponsive from the change in sensitivity. Idk what it is, but I only feel that way in Infinite. I just snipe like I’m using the Mangler or BR.

This needs to be addressed!!!

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