Zoom key bindings

It would help me a lot if I could bind “zoom in” and “zoom out” separately. What is in the current flight for Halo Infinite is much less practical for me. For example, in MCC I have the [mouse wheel scroll up] to zoom, doing it a second time will zoom in a second time if able, and when I want to zoom out I scroll the mouse wheel down (twice if necessary)- it works great for me! This is one of many accessibility options I really hope to see improved for Infinite.

The age old trick for this is to double tap switch weapon.

That seems fairly clever. Unfortunately the problem I’m having isn’t getting out of zoom. Since the “zoom” keybind applies to both scoping and descoping, it’s very easy for me to accidentally cancel my own scope immediately after pulling it up, by just having nudged the wheel a tiny bit too much. So I am using the scope a lot less because it has become unwieldy for me in the given control scheme.

Keybindings in general aren’t working.