Zoom Cancel Needs To Be Removed

They made snipers easier to spot and with aim assist having issues at the moment, zoom canceling when you get shot needs to go.

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Halo 4 did that and it was awful - no thanks.


Tell me you’ve never played Halo, without telling me you’ve never played Halo


No. Descope is essential in halo. They tried removing it in halo 4 and it was awful.


As much as zoom cancel has driven me mad in all the halo games I think its an integral part of the franchise. On the other hand I could see making the lens flair a bit more subtle.

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They need to add descoping to ar and sidekick

Fwiw there’s no benefit to scoping with those weapons.

I think it’s fine how it is.

There’s no issues with Aim Assist, all the top players use controller.

Is there no descoping for those?

Let’s keep descope but reduce lens glint. Thank you.


The descope feature is needed in order to keep weapons balanced and allow player skill to be the determining factor. Here’s a 3 minute video that showcases why descope is extremely important in the Halo combat mechanics.


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Nah, just take away the glint entirely. Descoping is a must.

You zoom in with your AR and pistol? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ah, I see. Move to a different spot if shot. Rethink.

No thnaks, Halo 4 had that and flinch was way worse then descoping. All they need to do is take away the sniper glint.

You’re essentially squinting with your visor, not a real scope lol