Zombies on the roof..HEHE

hIA All, Krill here, just wanted to post to any concerned -less than 4 hrs ago while trying to stay alive eyes bulging, hands contorted on game controller during a matchmaking game of infection on the asylum map. Noticed the last survivor up above the roof top large platform on a high backwall, (i can get there on foot myself with some mesure of skill through practice) however 10 seconds boooof! …YES ITS OUT OF BOUNDS. But not for the player up there. Id applaud the peep for sure, xcept the matchmaking for them must have been altered in a way that gave them benefit over the other 9 players. I’m guessing the peep used the cliff tops to get to the highest point above the roof, without needing to worry about the 10 seconds boundary break penalty.

ahh players finding sneaky ways to cheat

Good find. :slight_smile:

You may want to watch the Film (in your Temporary History) in Theater, and post in the official Asylum thread with more detailed information. There is a pinned thread in this forum section that you can use to find the official map and playlist threads.

That’s exploiting… not cheating.