zombie ghosts

So what’s your opinion on zombie ghosts? I for one, hate it

Same, it’s a disgrace to living dead, which I already rarely play when I get on Reach.

Is this even a real question? Everyone hates it.

I hate it so much. When people vote for it, I go AFR

I do not like

Alpha Zombies is the only living dead game worth playing

Don’t like it.

Orrible, I can’t say anithing more.

Even though I don’t really like it, and i am pretty bad at Halo (no coordination) for some reason I am actually really good at it

Words cannot describe my hatred towards zombie ghosts, and the people who actually vote for it.

Zombie ghosts ruined my love for infection. People stop voting for it!

Hate it. And 95% of the players seem to hate it too.
Unfortunately, it keeps coming back, specially if you do not vote for it.
One of the few Reach shortcomings…