Zeta Sky preorder coating only available on Mk 7 armor core

I just got my Zeta Sky pre-order coating and, just like I assumed, it is exclusively for the Mk 7 armor core. This is a core I do not use, and therefore the coating isn’t usable on armor to me.

I know you’ve heard the feedback loud and clear by now that we all want coatings to be universal and applicable to all armor cores, weapons and vehicles, and also that we want armor cores to kind of just… go away? To have the traditional armor system where all shoulders, helmets, etc… are all just in one list. to pick and choose from. Make the armor cores themselves just a dropdown list selection like helmets and everything else.

But yeah. TL;DR: I got the Zeta Sky coating. It’s only available on Mk 7 core, which I don’t use. Please make it available for all cores like the HCS Winter coating is, or just remove limitations on coatings needing to be unlocked for every core, when you get the chance.


buuut ya gotta understand… 343 and moneysoft have to make money and get a paycheck somehow. and that includes re-selling the same coating, but for the different cores. simple as that

look, im a reasonable guy. but when i bought a samurai sword in the store i was like damn this is going to be one of many purchases i make because this is awesome a effing samurai sword on a spartan. so i ordered it and tried to apply it and it didnt work. i am very upset about not being able to equip my cool -Yoink!- samurai sword on my cool badass space man that shoots guns. you’ve won me over. i just cant use it anymore because the event ended and i was one tier away from it. i try not to be too attached by fake items on the internet but holy shoot dude give me my samurai swords. i love you, hope something can be done and hope you guys have a good december.

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