Zeta sky armor code CANT CLAIM CODE


some month’s ago i’ve pre-ordered halo infinite (steelbook version) it came with a code that i got in a e-mail today… somehow i can’t claim the code. retailer can’t help me, halowaypoint support can’t help me…

i did everything right trying to redeem it. (already have like 10 other redeemed codes from older promotions,)

does anyone else have this problem?
does anybody know who to contact from 343?


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I have the same problem but no sollution 343 please help us

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Where did you pre-order? I got mine from Walmart, and haven’t received any code yet. Just got off the phone with customer support, and they were uninformed and just improvising answers so they didn’t seem clueless.

Konzolvilag(i live in hungary)

It should be sent to your email an hour after launch, I got mine at Best Buy and it was there within the hour.

Make sure you put the dash marks between them (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)

Popping in here to say that Best Buy customer support also has no idea where (or what even) the bonus codes are. No reasoning or resolve as of yet. Multiple calls have lead to 5 days of “please check your email and spam in the next 24 hours.” :thinking: