Zeta Sky Armor/AR Coating not properly unlocking?

So I redeemed my code for the Zeta Sky preorder bonus from GameStop on December 14th, and it didn’t show up in game at first, but then only the Sidekick Coating has appeared so far, but it’s been about two weeks and the other rewards such as the Armor and AR coating haven’t appeared yet, nor the emblem. Has anyone else had this issue?

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My GF has the same issue and so have some others. I redeemed mine and it works fine so idk what is going on and 343 has said nothing. (granted they are on break) I’ve made another topic trying to gauge how many others are having this issue.
All I can suggest is keep sending 343 support tickets.

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I preordered off GameStop but never got a code. I only preordered the Original Game, $60. Wasn’t I still supposed to recieve something? I know the Collectors edition gets you the armor coating, but I thought Original gets you weapon skins?

I believe pre-ordering with GameStop (even just the basic game version) should have given you the following 3 unlocks:

Most retailers:
Epic Mk VII Armor Coating ‘Zeta Sky’
Epic Nameplate ‘Chosen’

GameStop exclusive weapon:
Epic MA40 Assault Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Zeta Sky’


It’s strange that someone above said they got the Sidekick skin but nothing else as I wasn’t aware the Sidekick skin was obtainable from GameStop (it should be from Walmart). Something definitely seems to have messed up with the Halo Waypoint code redemptions.

Also, if you never got a code at all I believe you need to contact GameStop. Maybe check your email junk folder as well.

@BioAwoo have the other cosmetics showed up now?

I actually worked it out with Gamestop and got my code sent. The code is only for the Armor Coating and the MA40 AR coating. Is that true? I thought I would get the BR and possibly Sidekick from preordering Gamestop. I only did the Original, not the Collectors edition. Do you know for sure if you are supposed to get the BR and Sidekick coatings as well?

Here are the Zeta Sky weapon coating exclusives (assuming you live in America):

Amazon: Commando
Best Buy: Battle Rifle
GameStop: Assault Rifle
Walmart: Sidekick

Everyone should have received the Zeta Sky armor coating and Chosen nameplate though.


Thanks, appreciate the help! Definitely would have chosen Best Buy had I known

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No worries, glad I could help.

I saw someone earlier saying they didn’t think this information was shared very well ahead of release.

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Its a consistent pattern I’ve noticed trying to see who else have the issue. They input a code that says something else (either Amazon’s commando, best buy’s BR, or Gamestop’s AR)
The redemption history just says “Zeta Sky MA40 Coating” and nothing else.
BUT in-game people only get the sidekick coating. No armor coating nor nameplate included.
Which for 1. isn’t meant to be part of the codes redeemed in the first place. and 2. oddly the “official” sidekick coating is unattainable since I also saw that Walmart never got their Zeta Sky codes from microsoft and people have been trying to get their codes since release without luck.

To me, it can’t be coincidence that Walmart’s codes that have the sidekick skin are just missing. And that people who have codes for everything else only gives the sidekick. My current “theories” are

  1. The Zeta sky codes are glitched and the game/waypoint doesn’t know what to do with them. So people are defaulted to the sidekick skin and that invalidates Walmart’s codes and they are keeping that quiet. (meaning Gamestop, Best buy, and Amazon codes are messed up and changed Walmart’s codes, but walmart caught it before release)
  2. Something glitched on a production level for walmart’s sidekick and it messed up the other codes meant to be sent instead. (meaning the codes sent to walmart messed up everyone else)

I have no knowledge on how these things work but I do know computers can be fickle.

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Yes, I have noticed several inconsistent stories across a few different topics now about these pre-order codes.

I know someone said they eventually got their correct ones from Amazon last week so that was a positive step but a lot of people have been messed around by it.

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Yeah. Like I said, my GF had the problem which is what set me to start looking. My code is from Amazon, and mine worked without an issue. It seems like it mostly comes from gamestop, but you’re right its inconsistent.

Late reply, but I only got the Sidekick coating and nothing else. Redemption stuff says it was the AR bundle but only the Sidekick coating shows up. Pre-Ordered the standard edition from them, did get the keychain. Only got my code when I talked to GS Customer Support.

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I also bought halo regular edition from GameStop and redeemed code, on waypoint it says “zeta sky Assault rifle coating” in history

But in the game its showing up as the sidekick zeta sky skin only

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As of the current update Zeta Sky is still not fixed. Send another support ticket everyone!