Zeta halo was destroyed during forerunner era?

I read a bit about Installation 07 or Zeta Halo and i found out it was destroyed during Forerunner vs Flood war.It even describes the state of the ring we saw in the trailers,like the destroyed part being protected by slipspace stasis.
So could it be that the damage we saw was not new but from the past?

If I remember correctly, Installation 07, wasn’t destroyed but ejected but ejected large portions of the ring so that it would be the same size as the newer set of rings made at the lesser ark

Zeta Halo was heavily damaged back when it was one of the older models.

It was repaired and upgraded into what is now Zeta halo, with no implication it was still damaged after this refit. Rather, damaged portions were simply removed and its size decreased to match that of the 2nd generation halos (the ones we see in the games).

Furthermore, the hologram of it in halo 3 shows no damaged regions, though it is mentioned in later media its hologram was outdated (though likely still post-refit). Also, one of the books after the forerunner saga travels to zeta halo and mentions nothing about giant holes or damaged sections, though does mention it looked different than the hologram in 3 if i recall.

From when I read Primordium, set on Zeta Halo during the Forerunner-Flood War, no.
The ring was damaged by the tidal forces of a planet and to move shed its, 30,000km diametre, size before entering through the portal to the lesser Ark. I can’t fully remember if this is said but I’m sure any damage sustained, any massive holes specifically, would have been fixed and fully patched before being sen to its location. It would be pretty stupid not to fix your superweapon on which all your hopes rest.

The slipspace stasis would be a failsafe incase massive holes do appear. As to protect the structural integrity of the ring. There is also clear skgns of debris in the trailers, which wouldnt necessarily be there when the ring arrived at its location. Nor would be there even it where 100,000 years old. The ring can/should repair itself. In CEa’s terminals Spark literally evacuate a chunk of the ring. Of which we see no intication of in the game (especially in anniversary graphics). In Halo 2 constructors are seen in Quarantine zone reparing the wall.

Its a cool concept and I like the idea of visting a damaged facility that works perfectly, it would show how great forerunner architecture was.

You guys know who is the Monitor for Installation 07?

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> You guys know who is the Monitor for Installation 07?

As far as i know and have seen, the monitor of 07 has to be revealed yet. My best guess is that he is either in some kind of stasis or is captured somewhere in the installation by most probably the flood

> 2533274951753761;5:
> You guys know who is the Monitor for Installation 07?

We know its number to be 117649 and that its eye colour is purple. Other than that, no other information exists about Zeta Halo’s monitor, or even if it’s still alive.

I’ve always liked the idea of Zeta Halo’s monitor being a fragment of Mendicant Bias that isn’t aware that it’s a fragment. There’s a lot of story potential for that.