Zero skulls do not kill LASO. Stop it.

Loads of people are trying to justify how 343 making “LASO” into a difficulty boosted only experience (for achievements mind you) is ruining LASO or going against past practices.

For starters just because an achievement is about “LASO” or uses “LASO” (a much more widely used and readily understood word for a difficult and different campaign than other terms) in an achievement doesn’t mean it has been soiled. LASO is still up to the person doing the run himself to decide on. Or the community as a whole on what is concluded as a LASO run.
There is NOTHING stopping you from turning on all skulls and running the campaign like you’ve done all these years.
If you want the achievement you will just have to play by different standards and if you want a real LASO experience than turn on your stream and show people your skills. Nothing has changed.

If you say that Bandana doesn’t really make things easier than I guess you won’t miss it will you? If it doesn’t add to the achievement than it isn’t needed.
If you say that Blind wasn’t required before than why should 343 say bandana or other skulls are required now? Differing opinions.

As for zero skulls disabling achievements in general I say good for them. Business’ shouldn’t just make something to draw in masses with a cheap experience or product. There is no reason to grind out these achievements when you can easily get most of them by playing normally anyways. I would rather devs 360 on this stance where they cater to achievement “hunters” (sorry but my honest opinion is that most “hunters” are a joke) and start making us really work for them. Or at least make more interesting ways to get them instead of popping up 500 GS within a day of playing by doing mindless things.