Zero-G in Multiplayer?

do you guys think it’ll be fun if we had a portion of the map was zero g? i mean real zero g, you float in the air, your gun sends you flying back etc.

what do you guys think?

It would be awful if you got stuck in the middle… just floating there… wondering when someones gonna come along and finish you off… then they sit there and laugh at you… then you cry… “your not my dad! you’re just my moms boyfriend!”

I’m gonna say no.

It’s doable in Forge now. Move along.

> It’s doable in Forge now. Move along.

I don’t believe it is… not zero G… could be wrong though, ill go back and look.

EDIT: I went back and i didn’t see it listed in the forge world demo. It can neither be confirmed or denied to my knowledge.

> I’m gonna say no.

Would be fun for forge and custom games, but match making, not really…
the player treat zones are a step toward having gravity zones where we can have zero gee, but I don’t think we’ll see it in Halo 4, but we haven’t seen every map in Halo 4, we’ve only seen 3 MP maps, and one forge pallet, there are some that we’ve yet to even know the names of them.

Zero-G? So everyone will just be floating around? That would be pretty interesting. You’ll be able to have lower gravity settings in Forge, but I don’t believe that there will be zero-G environments.