Zero-G Environments

I got down to thinking the other day, I specifically remember Frank O Connor saying in an interview (though I can’t remember which one) that the booster we saw in the teaser trailer was not a jetpack, but it would have a significance in the story and gameplay.

So how could a zero-G booster system have significance in gameplay? I don’t see it being a jump boost, because these boosters might not work in normal gravity.

I played through Dead Space 2 again recently. Something I loved about this game was the zero-G sequences, and then it hit me: What if these were in Halo 4? In campaign and even some sections of multiplayer maps, we could be able to use these thrusters to navigate the entire room/vacuum area in zero-G. I have to admit that the low-G areas of maps in Reach ruined them (Condemned would be great if it wasn’t for that center room that everybody rushes to) but I feel it would be significantly different than what I’m describing.

For those who have never played Dead Space 2 or forgot what it’s like, here’s a video that shows how it works. Skip to about 3:30 in the video. Obviously Halo would stay in first person, but it would pretty much work like this. If sprinting is a feature in Halo 4, we could hit the sprint button for a slight speed boost, which is also in Dead Space if you hold the sprint button.

I think this would be a very innovative feature that could really put Halo out there; making it unique again. I’m not saying it should be whole multiplayer maps dedicated to this, but places like the room in Condemned or an outside corridor on a space station would work nicely. If implemented correctly, this could be a great feature to add to the game, and from Frank’s statement I’d like to believe that it’s in the works already.

What’s the community’s thoughts on this?

For me near zero or zero gravity areas have no place in Halo MP. I am not a fan. I would not want them to pursue this type of gameplay.

When did Frankie say it would have a significant impact on gameplay?

I want to see how zero G would feel. I wonder how it’s going to be like. The first mission I think will be mostly zero G I think.

There should be a third person option when in 0-G environments for H4, or maybe for every part of the game? But only for campaign. Or better yet there could be a third person skull.

I wouldn’t mind 0g in either campaign(I really want that) or in multiplayer(keep it to one or two maps)