Zero bloom slayer gogogo

> Does anybody know if this gametype has the other TU changes, like the bleed-through, armor lock adjustments, etc?

Yes it does and it’s amazazing!

-Yoink- YEAH!!!
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I think there is bleed-through!

wow…i reeeeealy suck at these new weapons

The pace of the game changed BIG TIME!

GT: Hazaaard

Invite me for some customs!


Add for 1 v 1

GT: MrRickFindles

Looking for a game invite me.


Come on, I just looked at this by myself, 4v4 customs anyone? Right now, invite me, I’m ready.

Bleedthrough is also there, I checked that out.

GT: Hazaaard

Reino911 looking for party customs lets do it!!!

add painlessorange