Zero bloom slayer gogogo


its legit! add o Xavi3r o for customs!! Goofy is playing it on his MLG stream right now!

if anybody has customs goin, invite me!

GT: painkillaah

GT: Syn Proboszcza

The first one didn’t work, the second one works.

Oh man oh man I can’t wait to get home!!!

GT: Cheeezztofer

GT: On My Exia

Hit me up.

GT: Gobbi9


… Wow this is better than I expected. It’s still balanced too.

Does anybody know if this gametype has the other TU changes, like the bleed-through, armor lock adjustments, etc?

if anyone is playing send me an invite PLEASE!!!

GT: Adman05

GT: Eiektron

GT : heroic mastodon

About to get on now, if any of you guys are running game INVITE ME.

GT: Hey im green


GT: Integral Theory

send me an invite for customs

Gt: L 2the ylestyle
Gt: Dey call me mlg
Me and my brothers gamertags.Don’t be scared by the GT it was kinda a joke lol. Will be on in an hour or so.

Send invite for Customs.

GT: North City

GT: Calvin Ch3n9

Add me for Customs tonight or any day