Zeon Needs You To Enlist

Greetings I’m the Founder from The Principality of Zeon. I am here to ask you to enlist in our organization for freedom and the liberation of Humanity. We The Principality of Zeon are based on an infamous antagonist faction from the Universal Century Gundam anime series,manga and light novels. Zeon was created originally to be a revolution for SpaceNoid freedom and to also further humanities evolution into NewTypes while ending the tyranny of the Earth Federation Government and the corrupted ruling elite of Earth. The way we bring this into the Halo universe is to make our organization have a canon Halo insurrectionist ideology against the UNSC. In other words anyone that is apart or affiliated with the UNSC is our enemy. We also plan to be extremely active while doing clan Raids, fun WarZone, competitive Arena and casual custom games.
In Zeon we issue colored uniforms for our branches and our ranks. We have a militaristic styled raking structure and our Government is a Imperialistic Monarchy with an Authoritarian Military base. Our Military also has Three prategousu branches to join in the grand military of Zeon.

  • Ground Attack Force [The Flesh and Blood, The BackBone of The Grand Military of Zeon]
  • Space Attack Force [ More Advance In Leadership and In Combat Than Your Basic Grunts in Zeon] - Royal Guards [Specialized Agents In Protecting,Gathering Information and Upholding Law In Zeon]

Once you pass Cadet School you get promoted to Private in the Ground Forces. Once you get up to Private First Class you may choose to satay in Ground Attack Force or to transfer into Space Attack Force. As for the Royal Guards you must be hand picked for this is a vary secretive branch and only those that we truly trust may enter this branch. Our goal is to become the vary best clan we can be on Halo. We want to dominate our enemies in battle while having fun when smacking dumb randoms in WarGames. If you want to come help us and are interested in enlisting in The Principality of Zeon then check the requirements listed below!"requirements to join"

  • You must have a Mic/HeadSet.
  • Be mature but 15 is the preferred age(Exceptions can be made)
  • Willing to ware a issued uniform

Xbox Live Contacts
RedComet MS06

Spartan Company link:

“The Principality of Zeon thirsts for the power of our people. Sieg Zeon!” - Gihren Zabi
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