Zeon needs members!

Greetings I’m the Founder of Zeonic Front. I am here to ask you to enlist in our organization for a new halo experience. In Zeon we’re based on an infamous antagonist faction from the Universal Century Gundam series and light novels. Zeon was created originally to be a Revolutionary movement for SpaceNoid freedom and to also further humanities evolution into NewTypes while ending the tyranny of the Earth Federation Government along the corrupted ruling elite of Earth who has exploited the colonies.

The way we bring this into the Halo universe is to make our organization have a canon Halo insurrectionist ideology against the UNSC. In other words anyone that is apart or affiliated with the UNSC is our enemy. We also plan to be extremely active doing fun WarZone, extremely competitive Arena and casual custom games with clan base raids.
In Zeon we issue colored uniforms for our branches and our ranks. We have a militaristic styled raking structure. With enlisted being German military ranks with officers and up being naval. Our Government theme is an Imperialistic Monarchy with an Authoritarian Nationalistic Militaristic basis. Our Military also has One branch with two sub divisions to join in the grand military of Zeon.

  • Attack Force [The Blood and Flesh, The BackBone of The Grand Military of Zeon]
  • Assault Core [ More Advance In Leadership Including Combat Than Your Basic Zeon members] “Must be Onyx to join this”
  • Engineering Core [our map forgers]

Once you pass the Cadet training your promoted to a full member I.E. Private. Once you have reached Private first class you may join the assault core,engineering core or wish to stay within the normal attack force. Our Emblem is the Corbulo but if you do not have this you must have Mjolnir And remain a cadet till you have Corbulo. Cadet emblems are colored moss completely with Mjolnir. Corbulo for Attack Force being Pineapple/Pineapple/Moss. Assault cores being Pineapple/Pineapple/Brick.

Our goal is to become the best clan we can be on Halo. We want to dominate our enemies in battle while having fun when smacking dumb randoms in multiplayer. If you want to come help us and are interested in enlisting in Zeon then check the requirements listed below, Thank you!

“requirements to join”

  • You must have a Mic/HeadSet.
  • Be mature with 13 as the preferred age(Exceptions can be made)
  • Willing to be in an issued colored uniform(Armor choice is up to you)

Xbox Live Contacts
Zoran Zoltanous

Spartan Company Link
Zeonic Front Company

“Zeon thirsts for the power of our people. Sieg Zeon!” - Gihren Zabi