Zealot Gaming Recruiting

Hello, I am TITAN ENERGY and I am a member of a fantastic gaming community called Zealot Gaming. I have recently asked them to let me make a division for the Halo franchise. I am in need of mature players who would like to join me in making my gaming community a part of the Halo Universe. I cannot guarantee that you will get in but it is not that hard not to. If you are accepted you will be instantly accepted into the community. Now when you go to join it will say who recruited you. Please put [zG]Lord Loss Demon. I will be on xbox if you have any questions or concerns. Join if you want to meet people who are respectful, mature, and intelligent. I hope that you consider this and choose are community.
Here is the website: http://www.zealotgaming.com/
Once you get to the website there will be a header that says join. Click on that and begin the quick process of becoming a probational member!