Yup. Coatings are core specific so you have to buy them twice

So, Scarlett Empress is a Yoroi coating that is currently in the shop, for 7$. And it’s literally the same coating as Scarlett Wake for Mark VII. Which was also in the store for about 5$.

Instead of just letting coatings be universal, they are going to make you re-buy coatings if you want to switch up your core and keep your colors.


I’ve defended a lot of what they are doing, but that is absolutely shocking behaviour.


And I’m guessing if the coating you like isn’t made for multiple cores you’re just -Yoink!- out of luck. Bravo 343i. Make something that could be cool but then ruin it with greed.

I was a little concerned about the armor coatings. Just sell patterns and colors separately and make them usable across all armor cores.

But charging these prices for coatings and then locking them to cores is just disgusting. Corporate greed at it again. I sure hope everyone with a brain boycotts this absolute garbage they are peddling. The gameplay is awesome and on point but ruined by greed and quite possibly the worst progression system ever made.

This has got to go imo. Once you buy an armor coating it needs to work on all current and future armor cores imo.


I’m sorry but you are incorrect. There are three cores so you need to get things 3 times

And then with each new introduced Core, because there’s bound to be more, you need to unlock them again, and again… And again… right?

And don’t forget that emblems need to be unlocked four times as well to use the same one on your nametag, armor, weapons, and vehicles. Oh and the skins for those too. They’re restricted as well.


I just unlocked the weekly challenge coating. Mark VII only. :frowning: I use Mark V B and will for my whole career once I unlock the ODST stuff for it.

That is literally the only reason I bought the battlepass. The hope that someday I will unlock the ODST Mark V [B] armor attachments. I grinded so hard in MCC to get all the ODST armor for H3 and I’m willing to do it here. I’m just annoyed how little customization I’ll get out of it in comparison to MCC.

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I’m in the same boat with ODST. Though I do foresee ODST armor coming out for other cores and an eventual ODST core with armor inspired by both the H3 ODST squad and Fireteams Raven.

So I don’t think I’m going to spend my entire career on Mark V[b]. And if they ever do an Elite core I’m jumping ship entirely from the UNSC.

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