You've still not fixed the issue i sent half ayear

The ability to get achievements with EAC disabled. I even made a little video for the support team. This means with EAC disabled you can use aimbot, Trainers to give unlimited health and shields, no clip, super jump, insta kill all enemies…

Why has this not been addressed ?

No doubt a mod will delete this post.

Potentially it’s a more complicated issue than just throwing out a quick patch and requires further investigation and development time. Submitting tickets with clips as you have been is the correct way to go about highlighting these issues and the importance of having them resolved, posting about them here is not. The support site is a more direct route to the teams needed to work on issues.

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> No doubt a mod will delete this post.

I would avoid any comments like this in future. If you have issues with forum moderation you are welcome to take that up with any of the moderators via DM.