YouTube Team Looking for Players and Editors!

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am part of a YouTube team that is looking to expand into other shooters. We are currently one of the top Gears of War teams on YouTube. We are looking to grow into a well respected Halo and CoD team as well. We have a substantial subscriber base of 3500+ and growing every day. We have a partnership with Machinima that allows us the flexibility of a large music selection and the freedom to post and claim Halo videos. Our Leader has a subscriber base of almost 20,000 subs and ties to many large name YouTubers to promote us as well. Please take a look at our team channel and you can look at our current content and get a feeling if you think you would be a good fit with us. You can message our team page if you’re interested. Thanks for looking!

Hi i’d love to join and edit with you guys, I focus more on hardcore edits though, but maybe that will bring a nice change :wink: who knows? But will i have to change my xbl Gamertag if im only an editor on the channel, because i really like my GT as it is :smiley: Do you guys post commentaries aswell? If so might you post mine?

Heres my Youtube Channel:
XBL: Insiqunia

…Oh and i do Grtaphics and channel backgrounds aswell

Here’s my gallery: