YouTube link not working

Hi Peeps,
I was trying to link my YouTube channel in with my Spartan Bio. I have 2 YouTube a/c’s but when adding them and trying out the link it just comes up with “Channel Does Not Exist”.
I’m there is probably a good reason for this or I am just not doing it right.
So on the Bio edit page after where it says “” I tried both CustomRider and my other channels name but neither worked.
Can someone kindly enlighten me as to how it should be done. I’ve got my Twitter and Instagram linked ok.

Can you make sure you are signed in with your YouTube / Google account and then visit this page - let me know where it redirects you to?

Hi stckrboy,
I signed into my YouTube channel then tried your link and it did take me to my YouTube page on this window not a new window.
I then opened a new window to my waypoint profile and tried the YouTube link on my profile and it still says “This Channel does not exist”.
I have linked a screen shot, you may have to copy and paste into your browser.

P.S. None of the profile media links open in a new window. It would be nice if they did, to save keep pressing the back button and be able to keep the Waypoint window open.