Yout think they'll discuss Forge at SDCC?

Bungie did the same in 2010. For those who remember, you know what I’m talking about. For those who don’t, at SDCC, Bungie showed off Firefight Versus, then they showed Forge World beyond the Canyon and showed many pieces and abilities in Forge, as well as a ViDoc for Forge World.

You think 343i will do the same this year at SDCC? They said they have announcements planned as well (as said in the Halo Bulletin). I hope they tell us soon. They already said they would discuss it later this summer.

I sure hope so, can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with it.

I hope Forge is shown. I’m really excited to see what 343 has added to it to make it better.

So much I"m hoping for. I know not all of it will happen, but if even 1/4 of what I’m hoping for in forge does happen, I’m going to be VERY happy.

The thing is that Forge was a much bigger announcement for Reach b/c of how much of an improvement it was over it’s predecessor in Halo 3. I don’t expect Halo 4 to have that big of a leap over Reach’s forge so it’s not really big news this time around.

There is just so much more info on Spartan Ops and multiplayer that we haven’t gotten yet that Forge is kind of the last thing on our minds right now especially since it’s likely nothing more than a polished version of Reach’s forge mode.


That is all…

> That is all…

This. So much this.

I really want to see forge. Also how long between showing halo 4 forge and somebody making all the pieces in Sketchup?

bs angel said in one of the bulletins that u will see forge in the summer time i will find and post

here u go

its could b at rtx or sdcc