You're telling me I did it I hit the END

now what??..
level 100 hit
everything “unlocked”
but something caught my attention ONCE AGAIN
the mark 4 wrist…

so you’re telling me forcing me

to level up all the way only to have 1 item unlocked for the mark 4 wrist…
you’re telling me 343 that this newer spartan with more technology
lacks the technology.
in halo 4-5 these spartan 4’s had diversity
over 200 armor pieces

and when i go to take good glance at the chest pieces for again this mark 4’s

and 3 of then don’t even count

you’re screaming in my ear drum when my team gets their flag taken and this siren exploding drowning all sounds comes to life
is that you 343 in my ear drums
i get it they have the FLAG!!!
3 of the chest pieces are LITERALLY NOTHING BUT A FEW 101010100101"s as a poor attempt to introduce this new era of softening on the new generation
that after 100 levels
i still see “stay tuned for more details”
1 of the chest pieces are supposed to represent some grenades, correct?
then why in the world am i able to nearly see SpongeBob speaking through the 2 pineapples that ARE on the side as a "chest PLATE PIECE "
oh… and guess what they had the nerve to do the brass marbles that it took to name such a chest piece
“PSYCHAPPLE”=pineapple really 343? -__-

and what is going on with this samurai thing as a third type of spartan we only had the Hayabusa for 1 game
and the one opportunity to re-introduce such a memorable legendary spartan was COMPLETELY MISSED
where in the story line has there ever been a single trace of DNA of this thing samurai spartan again completely missed chance and revenue gain

so what do i do now
do i kick some rocks?
take a squat by the creek and watch the fish go by?

give us anything 343 do something push some buttons


the flag stolen noise tho.


I hate it so much. I’d pay to remove it

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i played for this battle pass
and i barely got anything for my whole 2 actual Spartans the samurai is an abomination


Why is it when,
I read your posts,
I feel like,
I’m reading,
Song lyrics.