You're starting to push your luck here.

This is what I was told by a fellow member for disagreeing with his opinion, after he wrote a pithy and lengthy reply to a topic I satrted, this place I was told is for DISCUSSION (capitols supplied by fellow poster) my point is that we need some news on a anniversary game, not books or toys!!

Halo is a game first and a hideous marketing franchise last.

Game news please!!

Hey there AM, as long as things are staying civil and disagreements are kept to a respectful tone, you should never have worry about your luck being pushed. One of the best thing for all parties to remember is that any variations of opinion should be brought back full circle and remind us of why we are all here in the first place: A common love of Halo. We all share it, no matter what our opinions.

I’m sure that whoever was on the other end of the discussion was probably just letting their passion for the franchise get the best of them, as is easy to do sometimes. As a community, we’ll all be much stronger if we can always conclude our discussion with the understanding that we’re on the same side. Heck, if all else fails, invite them into your party and go kill some Covies! Brings people together like a charm :wink:

I like you, am also incredibly eager to hear more news on the game front, but devour the books, motion comics, and Waypoint pieces just as rabidly, so it helps balance out. Not to mention that for me, all those extra bits help make the game itself a more fulfilling experience! To ease your wait, maybe check out some of the awesome past video pieces that the Waypoint crew has put up discussing the fiction or the game mechanics. Great stuff!

Hope to keep seeing more of you on the forums :slight_smile:

For humanity,

You my friend are a genius, handshake assured!! you have reassured me that not everyone on here is an egotistical maniac that has no vision beyond their own paradigm!!

Small minds make big mistakes.

Take Care!

Gotta love it when people don’t share the entire story.

I responded to Angiers Machine’s complaints about 343’s handling of Halo in this thread here. The thread contains several posts from Angiers Machine that are flat out insulting to the content here on Halo Waypoint.

Rather than read my response and discuss it with me, Angiers Machine posted this:

> Oh great a crappy book and now Avatar clothing, facepalm.
> Analasys is paralysis, you know I am right or why else would you be trying to debunk my opinon with some lengthy tome.
> Halo is a video game, it needs to move on, give us news of the next game!! simple.

To which I responded with this:

> “You’re starting to push your luck here.
> These forums are for DISCUSSION. Not spamming out your opinion, then ignoring people’s responses and claiming “You know I’m right or why else would you be trying to debunk my opinon with some lengthy tome”. My response can be read in under 2 minutes.
> If you don’t have the ability to support your arguments in an intelligent way, don’t bother posting.”

I stand by this response. Angers Machine, you’re being rude and dismissive in a way that doesn’t get tolerated here in these forums. Creating new threads like this one is further proof that you need to take a step back and re-think how you interact with people here.

Angiers Machine then posted this response:

> Seem to have hit a nerve Mr Legacy doesn’t like being disagreed with, poor baby!! give us news about Video Games please. Not your frail ego.

As I said in the other thread: Im trying to give you a head’s up that you’re behavior won’t be appreciated here, but you’re too busy flaming to listen.

As GrimBrother says, we’re all here because we love Halo. However, you so far have been using these forums not for discussion, but as a soapbox. Just try to remain respectful to everyone else here, and everything will be cool.

Lol. I didn’t know he was talking about you LEGACEY. That’s funny.

AM, if you value my opinion as stated, trust me on this one: CruelLEGACEY is one of the most upstanding and contributive members of the Halo Community. I’ve spent quality time with him personally and will vouch so. I know that he is mainly just trying to make sure that opinions - while all equally as valid - no matter what they are, are all communicated with proper tone and respect.

Reading through the other thread, I certainly have no problem with your opinion itself, but I can also see where your approach might have come off as abrasive to some. I can see by your posts that you are well-written, and I know that you probably weren’t meaning to have your praise of the games themselves come at the expense of looking like you were bashing the hard work of other 343 employees (people working on stuff other than just the games). :slight_smile:

Again, it’s all a learning process as we grow to know each other better; I know that both yours and LEGACEY’s reactions are based off passionate response and defense, and should be appreciated equally, so long as it doesn’t cross lines we all know are there.

I suggest some 3-player Firefight some evening soon with the three of us… game? :wink:


> I suggest some 3-player Firefight some evening soon with the three of us… game? :wink:
> Grim

I’m in!

Awesome, how about it AM? :slight_smile:


Oh, so no one else can get an invite?! :stuck_out_tongue:

> Oh, so no one else can get an invite?! :stuck_out_tongue:

We need a 4th! You’re in :slight_smile:

> Oh, so no one else can get an invite?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Priceless! :stuck_out_tongue:

Game news will come at E3, so just wait a little bit.


Yeah, Halo is a game first, but have to admit to enjoying the multimedia aspect (except Legends perhaps).

> > Oh, so no one else can get an invite?! :stuck_out_tongue:
> Priceless! :stuck_out_tongue:


> > > Oh, so no one else can get an invite?! :stuck_out_tongue:
> >
> > Priceless! :stuck_out_tongue:
> This.

lol, cowabunga!