You''re rereleasing cosmetics already!?!?

So this weeks weekly reward is the Sentry stance.

The same stance you gave away for free for watching a stream for however many hours earlier this season. You do not have such little content available that you need to reuse stuff already.

The game has not even been out 10 months yet and you’re rereleasing content.

343, you have out done yourself.

Keep in mind that season 2 was likely only planned for 3 months instead of 6. I have a feeling we’ll see more rehashing before November.

People said the same thing in season 1, stop drinking the hopium.

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…How tf is that hopium?

I’ve re-read it and realised I completely misread their post.

This heat is messing with my head.

Sorry Griff1821. My mistake.

If you’re gonna be negative my man, be negative for the right reasons.
This isn’t intended as an insult, but it is advice.

Good day to you, and be sure to have fun.

Recycling weekly ultimate rewards? The well must be running dry.

That was an error. It’s now been rectified:

Oh no you don’t, this is just the beginning :smile:

While some are bothered by the petty things 343 is doing, I’m still waiting for them to come out of this beta and design an actual game. You know, what we the players base pays a gaming company to do…