Your Worst latency/desync experience?

Today i had my worst LATENCY. Playing swat a shot a guy running away from me, he runs away 3 steps turns a corner and then dies lol like 2 full seconds atleast.
My worst DESYNC: I had a join in progess for BTB, i spawned and thought “oh lucky me a wasp right off of spawn!” so i run over to the wasp get in, it then begins piloting itself then all of a sudden another spartan is in the cockpit with me,(I’m LMAO rn), then he goes into a skyjack animation and kicks me out and he being as disoriented as me flys off in a panic.

On the flip side I pretty much had my one my best experiences today.

Jumped on for a quick game before work and saw that I had 180ms ping… and was prepping to play a support role (pot shots at the oddball from afar).

But to my surprise it was a very crisp experience. Got in and got my hands dirty - with 31 kills. A lot of them at close quarters.

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