Your Worst Laggy Game?

So we’ve been through these (well, most of us) so what’s YOUR story?

Mine was Slayer on Abandon. At initial spawn my vision was blurred and the countdown was still visible showing 2. Once my vision clears, all of a sudden, I’m killed as if an invisible bullet shot me. I respawn, and fight two guys. They start popping/teleporting in different places. Then guess what? I die. This goes on and by the time the game is done, I barely have 1 kill and 13 deaths. Horrible. I didn’t want to quit b/c I already quit countless lagged games and got warned. Just Horrible.

For me it was Fiesta Classic on Haven. All players including myself were constantly rubber banding and teleporting. It turned an already luck based game into something even more luck based. You literally had to guess where the enemy would be appear next in order to score a hit.

I only stayed for the laughs.

Just had one today on Complex.

Spawned in and the mongooses were driving off with no one on them. I jumped into the ghost and two seconds later I exploded and teleported below the map. When I respawned no one was to be seen for around a minute. I then died and when I respawned my teammates were finally there as well as my enemies.

Lets just say a had a flood arm in a game of SLAYER. Yeah don’t ask me how and I wish I had the FILM to prove it but it a while back. It was cool but weird lol also I had no weapon just the flood claw.

One match I ‘died’ and was stuck in my dead body for five minutes while appearing alive and appeared that way to everyone else.

Played BTB, teleporting everywhere, but no host migration at all. Died. Never respawned. -.-

BTW, one time, I was playing Flood once, got normal slight push Thruster Pack and an actual Energy Sword, but was Human stangely, and died a few times before I became indoctrinated into the Flood ranks. :confused:

> One match I ‘died’ and was stuck in my dead body for five minutes while appearing alive and appeared that way to everyone else.

That glitch use to happen to me a lot.

All my games are laggy as hell. But that is because of the crappy modem/gateway tower that Comcast provides.

I lag in pretty much every game in some way or another. I’ve had so many super laggy games I can’t even remember which one was the worst. I don’t even lag in any other game but H4. Maybe every once and a blue moon on Reach, but hardly ever. The biggest issue I have in every game is head shots not registering. Every time I get someone 1 shot they end up being 2-4 shot. But then if I run customs head shots usually register.

I have a top tier internet speed in our area, a gaming router that is consistently rated either the best or near best by everyone that rates routers, and it is configured correctly.

I test my connection regularly to make sure I get what I’m paying for.

Fairly recently the H4 multiplayer experience has been nothing but frustrating to say it in a nice way.

I play a lot of Forza and it is not having the same issues in the same time frame and lag is very noticeable in that, especially in the faster cars.

I was in a game where people would die, yet not respawn and be forced to watch their dead body. Then a host migration later and it was fine. Happened to my friends too.

Had a number of matches were the game gets stuck on the countdown screen. The empty vehicles then begin to through themselves around the map, which looks pretty funny. Doesn’t stop things from being frustrating as hell, however.

That moments where a ghost taps me and I’m flying across the map… >.>

One of mine i never spawned. at all.

The other i was dead in first person for half of the game watching my other dead bodies fall in front of me. Talk about being helpless

I can’t pick a worst game for Lag - 70+% of my games are lagged to 1 second or more. 1 in 10 games I get a low lag game- but I have almost the same odds as that happening as winning $10 on the lottery.

But I guess my last BTB Game is typical of 70+% of the games I have played this month. Get in a ghost, shoot at enemies without hitting them. Guy with a rocket launcher kills me without a single shot of my Ghost hitting him - and with his back to me (wasn’t even aiming at me). Re-spawn, see an enemy in the distance, I turn on my auto turret and put 8 shots him into their head with DMR while the Auto turret blasts away at them. Not one shot hit him (shields didn’t even register a hit) and he shoots one burst form his AR and I’m dead. I rage quit - what else are we to do?

Halos 4 multi player is now totally broken because hosts are picked based on “newness” not connection quality. If you are new XBox Halo player, you preferentially are a candidate for host.

343 should hang their heads in shame for the effort they put into weapon tuning while completely ignoring the Lag Elephant in the room.

I am actually getting stressed just reading these posts… I know the feeling bros :frowning: