Your weapons suck!

Why am I dumping whole clips of AR into people and I drop dead after they use only half? I play one game of Rumble Pit (stupid challenges) and it is like I am shooting blanks. There were several instances where I attack somebody weaker than me and they outgun me with AR, no special tricks just shooting. Why is nothing consistent in this game? Why does it feel like I have to relearn to play this game ever time I get on? I should not be comically bad the first game every time I get or play a new playlist you want me to play?

To everyone else reading: I am sorry you always see my rants but is the only way I decompress with this game. It is just how I vent. I hope 343 gets something useful out of this though.

Just wait till we get custom games browser. I have already fixed that issue in my Custom Game Modes. Not only that but even the crappy weapons can now kill people.


Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

What I learned is that you can used the AR much better if you tap the trigger quickly. It keeps the bloom from making your shots in accurate. And if you’re on PC like me, you’re not losing much rate of fire.
I legit played a match of rumblepit slayer earlier today and I ended up in first place, but even I have to admit, the otherguy opened fire first and we were close range and I still managed to get the guy. On the off chance that was you in that match, I’m sorry dude.

You wanna fire in controlled bursts to make up for desync/lag/spread.

The only time where you “EMPTY” the AR into the enemy is if they’re running at you at mid range because they’re gonna eat every shot that way.

It’s funny how many people feel the AR is over powered in this game, maybe just as an spawn weapon.

Personally, I have no issues with most of the weapons in this game. Even some of the worst weapons I can find some good use out of them.

It’s because you don’t know how to use the AR

For the AR, I always spray a few bullets, maybe 6 tops, pause long enough for bloom to reset, then go full auto while working up to headshots. It works really consistently because you’re more likely to land more shots faster than people who either burst fire it or go full auto alone.