Your Top Waypoint Wishlist

A way to post topics on the forums.
Because you -Yoink!- need to know that the quitting system in MCC is absolute trash.

I really hope you have figured out how to not punish people in INfinite who get disconnected, or quit due to their team not playing.
You have people who are AFK’ing on purpose - IT’S IN THEIR GAMERTAG!!
So one person quits or you’re at a complete disadvantage while getting smashed.

Tell me, when did you envision this as THE Halo experience???

Worst of all, is when you get disconnected.
I get disconnected – on average — three times a month due to forces beyond my control (NOT MY CONNECT).
Why am I getting banned for lengthy amounts of time if your playlist doesn’t work?
Why am I getting banned when your connectivity doesn’t work?

Figure it out.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are getting at.

Halo Waypoint is a separate experience from any 1 Halo game, and it’s the main hub for everything Halo.

The old site had lots of features that the new site doesn’t - while the new site is being rebuilt from the ground up to include other cool stuff.

I’m super excited for Infinite - but I still play and enjoy the other Halo games too. So I’d love to see this website fleshed out a lot more - which is why I made this wishlist. I know it won’t happen overnight, but it’s something tro strive for.

Quit bans, while frustrating, really have nothing to do with Waypoint or it’s features.

That - and the forums are also disconnected from Waypoint to a degree.

I"m hoping to specifically have a wishlist for Waypoint itself, not the forums.

Restoring the Spartan Ops would be at the top of my list, and integrating them with Halo MCC and Halo Infinite.

More stats are always welcome. :slight_smile:

@AshamanND it was a good wishlist.

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I just want to see a Motion Comic of Dirt. I miss the little motion comics they did for it. Made it feel more unique from a place like Reddit or the old Bungie forums.

i can’t think of anything but i do like your ideas. this new waypoint is gonna take some getting used to

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I thought of one more thing - let us gift the giftable req packs in Halo 5 to friends like we used to be able to!

The addition of a ‘sell all’ is nice, but it would be so much better if we could choose the number to sell - I like to keep at least 1-2 of each item.

Checking in on this to see what has/hasn’t been updated for Waypoint:

Still no achievements
No new games added
No fileshares yet

NEW requests - Infinite:
An actual Service record - this one is so expansive I won’t go into all the details, but we need a service record and not just a ‘shop’ and ‘challenge hub’.
Spartan rank of some kind outside of Battle Pass

Still only Season 8 showing
Exchange not available
Spending points not available
Challenges not visible
LASO emblems not present
Data pads not counted
Customization not available
NEW request Medals earned not visible
NEW request Mission completion best times are on ANY difficulty, not Legendary, and ALSO shown in Seconds, not HH:MM:SS - this is difficult to read

Halo 5:
Companies not available
Customization not available
NEW request - Ability to send the usual ‘giftable’ req packs to friends as we used to
NEW request - Ability to choose number of reqs to sell at once, not only ‘sell all’

Fireteam Raven:
NEW issue QR Code creation is broken
Per mission leaderboards still missing

Update - Most games data is fixed
HCEA data is still broken

I really wish Waypoint could get some more updates - it’s been very minimal since launch, I thin we had a tiny update for S2 to fix a few bugs and get better optimization, but that’s about it.
If they don’t update it with the launch of Forge I’ll start losing hope of a better Waypoint.
As you can see, only 1 thing has been resolved, and not completely (legacy stats) while other issue/prior features have been identified as missing.

Change the color blackground of the website

Another Update:

-Infinite now has stats on Waypoint - but some of them aren’t accurate. They had a spree count and already removed it because it wasn’t correct.
It’s fantastic to see these stats now here, but more would be great. Give us Campaign stats, and please implemented a Spartan Career, not just Battle Pass for progression.

-The Fireteam Raven QR Code generator now works.

-Legacy stats no longer show the number of campaign missions completed except for H4.
-Legacy CEA is completely broken now, won’t even display the incorrect stats like it used to.

Pretty much all other points from my last update post still stand, unfortunately.
So much potential for betterment of Waypoint.

Did I offend someone? I’m happy to edit if necessary!

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