Your "Top 5" for the Title Update

So much squabble lately about the Title Update, and what people want/don’t want. Sometimes, simple is better. Lets hear it folks: The Top 5 things you want in the title update! No longer than a paragraph, please. Try to keep it simple. These can be anything at all, be it reasonable or something outlandish that will NEVER happen.

Here’s mine (Revised!):

  1. VIP being brought back.
  2. Armor Lock Nerfed/Removed.
  3. Individual Weapon Traits.
  4. Make vehicle health like Halo 3, and making them more resistant to gunfire (A sniper should not take out a vehicle.)
  5. Fix bloom on precision weapons to truly punish spammers at all but close range.

What’s yours, forum?


For the sake of getting your feedback actually read and correlated, please try to keep to the “Top 5” format. 343 is watching this thread, and we want as much of our feedback to get in as possible!

top 5

1.) tweak bloom on DMR so spamming NEVER WINS, at ANY RANGE. spamming should be HORRIBLE all the time, especially close combat where it makes coin flip battles.

2.) add a bit of fuse time on the grenades, or tweak radius, or damage. any nerf to the grenades is fine. the best nerf would be fuse time because thats the real issue i think.

3.) REMOVE the no-bleed melee system, replace it with bleedthru post-patch halo 3 melee system.

4.) nerf the holy hell out of armor locks duration. make it last only 3.5 seconds long for a full use of it. remove ‘frosting effect’ entirely. make it so you cannot melee until 1 second after you came out of armor lock. remove the EMP effect and replace it with a knockback effect that pushes targets away like 5 feet (like double the melee range, or more).

actually thats it. i dont even have a fifth one. i guess my fifth one would be fixing small bugs like the tiny evade roll that happens sometimes, things like that.

i’d say they should tweak sprint to not let people run away, but i doubt they’d do that lol.

My 5 ( no particular order)

  1. Fix Bloom ( Maybe have custom options to toggle On/Off)
  2. Fix terrible melee system ( Halo 3’s was better)
  3. Armor Lock needs a super nerf and/or removal
  4. Fix the terrible ranking system or provide a new one
  5. Buff the Assault Rifle a little and maybe tweak the way vehicles control
  1. Individual weapon/vehicle modifiers.

  2. AAs: Remove all offensive capabilities for armor lock, other than vehicle destruction. Also add a 5 second cooldown to it. For camo, either bring back the powerup and remove it as an AA, or tweak the AA so the radar jam is no longer present. Enable sprint cooldown for every form of attack, so sword, hammer, or melee-sprinting is no longer an option (that would in turn make sword block completely unnecessary and that could be rid of). Jetpack AA should be a map pickup and not a loadout. No questions asked. All AAs would ideally be pickups, but jetpack especially.

  3. Maps: Completely open all the half-open doors on Countdown, and remove some of the annoying obstructions on the walls that interfere with blind movement in a firefight. Remove the break room, research, and operations windows on Sword Base, and open up 6th floor a bit as well. Give us completely space-free versions of Zealot, Anchor 9, and Condemned. Approach them like you did Uplink, using special custom pieces that fit with the architecture instead of random sandbags and crates, so it doesn’t look ugly as sin. Almost all the maps need a weapons overhaul as well.

  4. Bring back the powerups, both overshield and camo. Use them liberally, every MM map should feature at least one somewhere. Make sure the standard overshield is a double, so it’s actually worth pushing for.

  5. Arena overhaul. Some kind of respectable ranked hopper with slayer, doubles, and FFA included, at the very least.

  1. Nerf Armor lock, (make a counter.)
  2. Bloom On/Off Toggle.
  3. Individual Weapon Traits.
  4. Removal of Sword Block.
  5. Fix horrible Beat down system.
  1. shorten AA duration
  • sprint should replace the sword lunge
  • jetpack like a double jump
  • once evasive
  • once armor locking (against 1 rocket or grenade, more tactic if you get stuck by plasma gren or the rocket comes towards you … the enemy has one moment of “NOOOOOO!” and then the game instantly continous … no one gets pissed)
  • hologram is great, should be red on enemy ms though
  • if you move with camo it should deplete slower, since the player is half visible and if standing still it should have rapid depletion, since it is in full use
  • dropshield should be deployed like a bubble shield with the desctructible generator (in H3 the bs was fun and more tactical because of that)
  1. increase jumping height for spartans
  2. make spamming impossible: pistol and dmr should just be possible to be fired again AFTER bloom reset, remove bloom (for automatic weapons)
  3. get rid of the throw-back effect after melee clang
  4. less powerful explosions: grens should be supporting, now it seems that weapons support grenades … shoot shoot kawoom
  1. Vehicles take more damage
  2. AL nerfed
  3. Bloom tweeked
  4. Pistol sight tweaked

1. Individual weapon traits.

2. Stability improvements to the graphics engine – specifically, allowing it to process more objects before the “discoing” glitch occurs.

3. Custom Game toggles for various Reach-specific gameplay mechanics, i.e. Sword Block, bloom, etc…

4. A plethora of new Custom Game options… I.e. publicly-usable Uber Camo value, specific options for Grenade and Collision Damage Modifiers/Resistances, etc…

5. Publicly-available Megalo scripting, perhaps with limitations. (YES I KNOW THIS WON’T HAPPEN.)

> …Lets hear it folks: The Top 5 things you want in the title update! No longer than a paragraph, please. Try to keep it simple. These can be anything at all, be it reasonable or something outlandish that will NEVER happen…

Ugh! That is a real tricky request TG. I’ll do my best to toss out my top 5 items for Halo Reach’s TU. Hopefully, I can keep this short. Let’s see how well I can keep out playlist update related items…

1) Send all weapons, with the exception of the Assault Rifle and Magnum, back to their Beta format, and severely weaken the vehicle damage output on the DMR and Sniper.
This would allow the entire sandbox to become useful, and it might even help minimize DMR spamming (12 round magazines). I extremely miss being considered a threat with any weapon found in game. Even though Halo has not seen that kind of gameplay in full force since Halo: CE, due in part to the overpowered BR/DMR, Halo Reach’s launch day totally missed the mark. Why use anything else when a single weapon can eliminate every other item in the sandbox? Let’s have some balanced variety back in Halo.

2) Please retool/tweak Armor Lock, Evade, Jet Pack, Active Camo, Hologram, Drop Shield, and Sprint.
Many people have spent a ton of time detailing minor changes that would be beneficial to Halo Reach. Instead of going into great detail on each AA, the following is a short list containing some of the most plausible changes I’ve seen and discussed myself:

Armor Lock - Reduce the total duration to 3 seconds, and add a .5-1 second delay when exiting armor lock (similar to the delay when vehicle boarded).
Evade - Completely remove it from MM Spartan usage, allow for a single roll per charge, and/or scale it properly to the Spartan model.
Jet Pack - Set weapons reticule bloom to max while Jet-Packing.
Active Camo - Increase the recharge/cooldown time period between activation.
Hologram - Configure the Hologram to always appear as a Red Dot (Enemy) on all radars.
Drop Shield - Require DS to charge upon spawn in order to prevent immediate usage by respawning teammates.
Sprint - Allow Sprint to always travel farther than Evade, and scale it properly for Elite usage.

3) Bring back Halo’s “beefy” vehicle threat, and eliminate any current issues with that portion of the sandbox (EX: unlimited Banshee rolls, Revenant auto-aim, etc…).
If you are reading this, the odds are high that you know all about Halo Reach’s vehicle issues. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the unregulated roll functionality of the Banshee abused, a Scorpion Tank blown up by DMR fire, a Warthog flipped in the air by Small Arms, a Sniper auto-aim no-scoping from the Revenant sideseat, or a Spartan surviving a direct hit from a Wraith mortar… I won’t delve into the details anymore. They, similar to other topics, have been beaten to death.

4) Re-implement bloom into Reach as a more consistent and rewarding feature similar to how it functions via LAN matches.
Like the prior topics, this one has been explained to death. I have no problem with bloom being implemented into Reach. 343, please, make the feature work properly. If a gamer is pacing his rate of fire to match a weapons maximum accuracy ceiling, this person should never (or hardly ever) lose to a person firing the same weapon as fast as possible. A gamer that paces their rounds should be much more successful than the gamer firing as fast as the weapon allows. Feel free to look at other topics concerning bloom in greater detail.

5) Set the stage for Halcyon Halo Matchmaking to make a grand return upon Halo: CEA’s arrival.
Without any hesitation, I can safely state, “Halo Reach’s “default” matchmaking is not my cup of tea.” The default way to participate in Halo Reach involves a new feature called Loadouts. This feature makes gameplay strikingly similar to other class-based FPS in the market. With little to no option to participate in Halo the way the community had for almost 10 years, we were left with a giant void in our Halo experience. Please bring back our Halo to us. We gravely miss that great balanced multiplayer experience. The one we feel in love with again and again over the past 10 years.

That does it for me. I think I did…well crud… I may have omitted a lot of information and removed any playlist related items, yet I made a wall of text again. Oh well. I greatly appreciate any responses, questions, or comments you may have!

-Always Hope


Nice paragraph there…

I’m gonna slightly disobey OP and give two sets of 5.

Realistic 5:

  1. Melee Bleedthrough toggle
  2. Weapon damage alterations (either user or presets)
  3. Sword block toggle
  4. Bloom / Recoil
  5. Grenade alterations

Hopeful 5:

  1. Armour lock nerf
  2. Armour ability recharge rate
  3. Spartan vs Elite, forced spartan, and forced elite options in all game modes
  4. Return of VIP
  5. Detailed weapon specific settings (eg make snipers have 1 round per clip, or increase ROF on DMR etc)
  1. Bloom (Remove/Tweak so it doesn’t add a luck factor)
  2. Melee (25% less damage/Melee bleedthrough)
  3. Grenades (Less damage)
  4. Fall Damage (Remove)
  5. Armor Lock (Nerf)

I actually have only three things I wish for:

  1. Remove bloom on DMR, magnum, and needle rifle. Keep it for all other weapons.

  2. Increase bloom/spread on the AR.

  3. Remove sword block.

  1. Changed Bloom on DMR
  2. Slightly nerfed Grenades
  3. Remove or nerf Vehicle Damage from DMR
  4. Increase Vehicle Health for Ghost and Warthog by 5% or 10%
  5. Major Nerf of Armor Lock or Just remove it completely from Multi-player.
  1. Destroy Bloom
  2. Destroy Melee Animation
  3. Destroy Season Ratings to add 1-50 ranking system
  4. Nerf grenades and armor lock
  5. Fix Theater
  1. Get rid of the revenant sideseat glitch.
  2. A respawn all button in forge. Very helpful when soccer balls are at the bottom of the sea with a 30 second respawn timer.
  3. Decrease banshee bomb power in some way.
  4. Decrease sniper damage to vehicles.
  5. Fix forge rotation glitch and areas where forge objects turn black.

1.Loadout specific traits.
2.Weaken sniper against vehicles.
3.Loadout specific traits.
4.More health for vehicles.
5.More custom game options.

  1. Remove Bloom (lower damage on DMR/Needle Rifle, to compensate for this)
  2. Remove AL from all playlists apart from Social Playlists (or just nerf it)
  3. Get Back Alpha Zombie/VIP
  4. bring back Power-Ups
  5. With the Camo AA:

Remove it, and just add Power-Ups onto the maps. And have the AA just make the Radar Jam


Make the armour ability fade when you move, but keep the Power-Up always invisible unless you are shooting (like 1/2/3).

  1. Improvements to infection:
    a. Voice communication settings for infection as they were in Halo 3, team based.
    b. shotgun bulltruers should not die if they fired before the sword user initiated a lunge.
    c. More options for starting zombies, % zombies at start and winner/chump/etc.
    d. Safe haven changes:
    i. You can have a map with only one safe haven. Currently, you need at least two or else you’ll hear “hill moved” repeatedly until the game ends.
    ii. You can have multiple havens active at once.
    iii. You can set havens to a sequence so that you can make Left 4 Dead style games.
    iiii. New scoring options to make it so that you score for just being in a haven or getting to a haven as a destination.

iiiii. A safe haven variant in which humans have safe havens, and zombies have similar (separate) havens that give them benefits.
2. Option to disable fall damage. Maybe even an option to disable fall damage for one team or another. For example, zombies would receive no damage for jumping off of a tall building, but humans would die from the fall.

  1. Custom games options:
    a. Bring back VIP and make all the team gametypes have separate team traits
    b. Option to disable hijacking

  2. Active camo powerup, not ability, to act as it did in Halo 1-3.

  3. Grenades have longer fuse and are slightly weaker

All of these suggestions would improve custom games greatly.

Off-Topic: This is why I’m glad I’m on Halo Waypoint’s forums. Not even a single troll in this thread. Please, everyone have a cookie. Or two, how many you would like to. You deserve it.

Carry on!

i just wanna say that 3 of the jet pack changes / nerfs in this thread are GREAT ideas.

1.) the best idea i saw was to make it a double jump instead of this seemingly infinite super amazing fly 90 feet above the map and reign death from above
2.) the next best idea was to make all weapons have max bloom when jet packing (SICK IDEA BRO!)
3.) the other good idea is to simply have it be a PICKUP and NEVER LET PEOPLE SPAWN WITH IT.

i dont care which is used, but PLEASE, lets use one of them. heck, number 3 you can do without a title update!

jet pack makes this game feel like it was made for little kids. it makes the game feel like happy fun flying timez! instead of playing like a serious FPS game that halo once was.