Your thoughts on power weapons

Me, i’m not really a power weapon guy. Hell, the only times I pick up a power weapon is to confiscate it from both teams. Kind of makes me think of myself as an adult with a group of 6-year olds (which I can’t help but be tempted to betray as I hear them scream over the mic).
I am not really bothered by them much in-game unless some -Yoink- is boosting his team’s kills with it, or the noob kills me over and over again.
I rank vehicles in power weapons, especially the Banshee (which is REALLY game-breaking in invasion, the -Yoink- spawn camped my team EVERY FRIGGIN TIME).
I’m no rager, though. Power weapons are my only gripe with Halo (then again so is the matchmaking system…)

Power weapons are great. Some areas where they spawn, or near their spawn are power points on the map. And holing those power points with friends and even strangers was one of the most exiting things to do in Halo. There’s not much of that in Halo 4, unfortunately.

My thoughts on power weapons. GIMME!