Your thoughts on Nightfall

Personally, I think it kind of sucks.

Weak story
Weak characters
And just plain boring.

It’s not that I want constant action, it’s just there isn’t anything about this that draws you in.

I’m only watching it because the game doesn’t work.

I hope it gets better but I’m with you. Pretty boring so far.

Well episodes are way too short and hardly draw out the plot, in three weeks worth of episodes not much has happened. But other than that I’d say it’s “decent”

Having to tab out in the middle of an episode for the second stories is kind of a draw back too. But at least Macer is kinda cute.

haha! Watching it because the game doesn’t work!

I Watched the first and second because I wanted to… The third was the same reason as you and frankly I didn’t enjoy it.

Not really believing the acting and story… Just a bit bland… I think it needs way more action

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> But at least Macer is kinda cute.

Most accurate statement about this show right here

Boring plot, I don’t care for the characters, the CGI is awful, and Macer is cute. It’s like watching a Syfy Channel budget movie. I was really hoping to get a glimpse of Locke’s personality, but damn if he isn’t plainer than a wooden plank. Mike is a great actor, but he’s just got a really bland role here.

Pretty mediocre to be honest.

It’s ok just wish there was more covenant

And more character development

To be completely honest, Nightfall is dreadful. I keep watching for SOMETHING to happen and after three episodes, not a damn thing happened. Very disappointed. Very. Omg, worms attacked… All that happened in the first three episodes I expected to be in the first. Stop making these Microsoft. They make Halo look bad. Go watch the actual live action stuff on YouTube. The Believe Commercials. Much better

Sucks, next question?

Nightfall is boring I hate the characters I stopped watching it .Its a fail

Like everyone else, I had hoped for a lot. And like everyone else, I was let down.

Hey! It kinda sounds like I’m describing the Halo MCC right there!

The story is bland, the CGI in the Halo 2 remaster cutscenes look better by a lot, and the acting is shallow, painful, and boring.

I think Blur should have been hired, handed a good script, and left to build Nightfall in the only way they could do it properly in under a massive film budget price. And unlike some of the CG we see in things like the Star Wars prequels, we are all used to the games looking like games.

Though I think Forward Unto Dawn was done decently well, and is watchable and mostly enjoyable (despite some wonky CG at points). Nightfall is proving… not to be.

I like it. The way the Lekgolo twist through the air is a bit… odd

It could have been so much more… I did not like Forward onto Dawn but it was miles better than this

I think a lot better use of a low budget was the H3 “Believe” commercials. Hell, it was pretty much some WWII veterans, a diorama and the halo score…WAY better utilized budget. Buuuuut, I AM a sucker for anything Halo live action so I enjoy props/armor etc.

Very boring, story is lacking an the characters suck.

How was Akin the inni commander a former spartan 2? His size is what bothers me because the chief was supposedly one of the short ones being 7’ tall and Akin being the same size of everyone else. No they can’t just take out the genetic altercations they did to the spartan 2’s. Bad writing imo

I have to say it’s quite boring as it doesn’t include any part of the universe that we know (following the first Episode). That’s not the exact problem, it’s more boring due to the plot, the use of stunning visuals that just never feels used to its maximum capacity (as in, so much $ spent on CGI, yet even with its constant use, it’s just not used intricately.