Your thoughts on 343, Halo 5, Next console

First, let me start off by saying that I enjoy some aspects of Halo 4, not a lot of them, but some. This, and finding a community of players have helped me see past many things I consider flaws. However, this is not a typical “Rant” thread, this is my opinions on the domino effect of the console, game, and developer.

My questions for you, the community, consist of:

Do you believe 343 has what it takes to create a Halo game that can appease the community?

Do you believe Halo 5 will “be better” as Mr. O’Connor has stated?

And will Halo’s direction effect whether or not you even buy a console?

I’ve decided that I may not be buying the next-gen console, since I am unsure as to whether or not the title based consoles/game creativity combination (I dont care for Kinect) are worth it. This is also further supported by the fact I dont believe 343 Industries has what it takes to make an epic quality feeling game experience like every Halo prior to Halo: Reach.

I don’t believe 343i will have a beta, which furthers my lack of interest in Halo 5, how do you not create an interest in the community again without one? Individuals like me (and their are others) would prefer one.

Furthering that,the lack of feeling as if Halo 5 will be “good” since it is my favorite series makes me uninterested in the console. As well as 343i seemingly making every effort to create their own Halo, as opposed to making what people want to keep them around for a LONG time.

Keep in mind im not looking to be argumentative, I have my opinions and I am entitled to them. I want to know yours, and not what you think of mine. Please focus specifically on the questions. (Can’t wait to see who doesnt read this and starts an argument).

I think 343 can make a great Halo game, but they have to stop acting like they know what WE want and being so stubborn.

I will probably buy the NextBox, but thats mainly because I don’t care for PlayStation’s exclusives. I know Xbox only has Halo and Gears, but I do love both games a lot more than any PlayStation game. I’ll wait till I see the NextBox to make a decision though.

I think 343i does have what it takes to make Halo great again. However I do not think 343i cares enough about Halo or the Halo community to do so. They ignore the community, invent excuses for the things that they don’t want to do, and believe all the while that they are doing a great job.

I think Halo 5 will fall flat on it’s face. A lot of people have lost faith in 343i. Halo 5’s sales will likely suffer for it.

I most likely won’t buy the next Xbox console. I might have considered it if Halo weren’t in the tail-spin it’s currently in.

I really wish 343i would change their attitude towards Halo and the Halo community. Halo is a great franchise with a lot of history behind it. Those of use who criticize Halo 4 do so not to hate on 343i or stir up trouble, but because we genuinely care about this franchise. I only wish 343i did too.

Simply put, the community will never be happy. There are too many competing opinions to make to please nearly everyone.

Halo 4 was pretty much a reboot without completely redoing the story, it was also 343’s first game as a team. I think the campaign will be much better due to Halo 4’s just being there to set up Forerunners, ONI and the Storm Covenant.

It has very little effect. I will more than likely be getting both a new Xbox and a PS4. Xbox gets a quite a good amount of it’s DLC earlier than other platforms.

> My questions for you, the community, consist of:
> 1. Do you believe 343 has what it takes to create a Halo game that can appease the community?
> 2. Do you believe Halo 5 will “be better” as Mr. O’Connor has stated?
> 3. And will Halo’s direction effect whether or not you even buy a console?

  1. Yes. Whether or not they will accomplish that is another question entirely.

  2. I have no opinion. When Halo 5 is released and I see gameplay footage as well as player feedback, then I will know.

  3. At this point, their direction does not appeal to me, so I have no motivation to buy the next game or xbox.

  1. Mixed. Halo 4 was very bittersweet. The overall game disappointed me.

  2. Now that 343i has better know-how, understand they’ve made mistakes (A LOT of mistakes…) And with the power of the next-gen, Halo 5 can only be that much better in terms of quality and quantity. Yes, I do believe 5 can be better.

  3. Halo alone isn’t the deciding factor for me. I love xbox in general, so I’m hyped for what MS has in store. If I like what I see, I’ll buy the next xbox with H5 as a secondary concern.

But if it turns into a #Dealwithit scenario, I’m probably switching over to Sony next gen.

  1. No, it’s pretty obvious they missed on this one. Considering how weak the campaign was and how lacking the matchmaking system / community has become.

  2. Who knows. Inevitably it has to improve somewhat.

(Most people don’t understand the issues with what happen to Halo. CE offered the old school goldeneye approach, which brought a cult following to the sequel. H2 offered something no other game could compete with at the time, in addition to the lack of console FPS. It began with H3, no separation but handshakes given. There will always be 2 different classes in FPS a competitive and social. 343i has tried to integrate their system to combine the players. Add the map size with relative weak long range weapons, minus one DMR and curbtail these maps w/ sprint was an awful approach. Finally the graphics on these new maps are just too busy. So much going on in every little corner taking away from game play. Some times the less the better.)

  1. A new console is always gunna be coming in some fashion. If they take away the third party and do nothing but streaming / downloading. I will not purchase it. Quit trying to eat my bandwidth all the time!!!