Your thoughts and opinions on HALO

Well, express your thoughts and opinions as long as thier appropriate and please, everyone’s thoughts and opinions matter and be respectful and not savage. Main rule is to stay on the topic of HALO (NO religion, politics, etc.).

So… I actually think my favorite multiplayer is halo 5, because everyone has a fair fight and I feel like Spartan abilities like the jet pack are no longer needed and I’m tired of everyone slamming it because of this, also, I’m tired of people asking which is better HALO or COD, because their totally different games, and the way I see it is, if your into sci-fi stuff, you will probably pick Halo, and if not COD (there are acceptions) but just cause you like one, dousent mean you have to hate the other!.. ok I’m done now…


Dude, these threads gotta stop. They usually get 2000 replies in 14 days, and those 2000 replies are just people arguing amongst themselves.

This thread will lead to nothing good.

My thoughts and opinions on Halo are all summarized nicely in THIS VIDEO. Controversial as they may be, I stand by them. If you guys want to discuss the merits of them, that’s fine, but PLEASE stay civil. I know the video is divisive and I don’t want to start a flame war or anything, but it’s how I feel.

Its an ok song

They need to improve the art style, content, and campaign, but overall I love halo 5.