your thoughts about my KD

so my KD is 1.33 is that pretty bad? i was wondering if im any good at halo…

Nothing above 1.0 is ‘bad’.

IMO, anything above 1.0 K/D is fine. I have a 2.27 K/D, b/c of BTB slayer.
But like i said, between 1.0 and up, thats fine.

K/D is relative anyway. If you play a lot of CTF or objective based games, a high K/D means you’re probably an -Yoink- that never tries to complete the objective. But for slayer that’s a good one.

Anything from a 0.0-5.0 is fine. In a perfect world where trueskill worked properly everyone would hold a K/D somewhere between .95-1.05. People with 3.0+ K/D’s just prove that trueskill is a joke.

Kd doesn’t matter.

> so my KD is 1.33 is that pretty bad? i was wondering if im any good at halo…

Yeah dude, thats pretty good. Besides, it’s hard to go positive these days with all the bs.

> Kd doesn’t matter.

Yes it does. It does matter.

To me that’s bad.

In slayer someone has to be negative, or no one wins. We can’t all always win.

As long as you’re positive (1.00) you’re all good. That’s usually how it works. You always want to stay positive.

I’ve said this before. Anything over 1 is good. If you get more kills than deaths you are helping your team.

KD doesn’t matter. But it does look good though as long as you’ve earned it legitamently.

There’s definitely better but also most definitely worse. If this was your first halo game it takes a while to get used too it, my kd has been going up every new game and is only dropping now due to more competitive play.

At the end of the day if you’re above 1.00 kd then you’re doing good for your team, if you’re ever below 1 think how annoyed you’d be if you lose cause of that one teammate going 7-15.

On another note holding a high kd in this game isn’t hard, just keep your distance, keep high ground, stick with teammates and abuse all the “bs” stuff like promethean vision.

You’re KD is fine, lad. It’s above a 1.00, isn’t it?

> > Kd doesn’t matter.
> Yes it does. It does matter.

To a point but overall it isn’t truly indicative of your overall skill. Their are too many factors into why someones K/D is what it is. Some people care and play competitively all the time, some people just play and don’t bother teaming up with people and get destroyed as a random, etc…

My K/D could easily fluctuate anywhere between .90 and 1.60. If you looked at my K/D and seen that it was a .90 you would think I was an overall bad player. Even though I only have that .90 because all I’m playing is oddball as a random and I’m hardly trying to play the role of a slayer. As a 1.60 I would have obviously been playing mainly slayer based games or playing the role of a slayer in objective. To be fair my k/d could probably be even higher if I played to farm kills in objective. K/D isn’t a good stat to judge people by.

I think that is a problem with todays generation of gamers. Everyone feels the need to prove something through K/D. Even CoD players pride themselves based upon their near meaningless K/D. Halo 2 had the perfect balance. People that didn’t care about rank or k/d played social and everyone playing was playing to have fun. Could you imagine that? The element of “fun” and “carelessness” in a video game? The only place that you can go and not be judged in modern games are custom matches and most devs(343 included) decided to plaster custom stats on our service record too… I’m going to play Mario Party. Call me when Halo get’s the Social/Ranked split back.

K/D for me dosen’t matter at all

i mean, some people u can se with beast K/D like 1.80, 2.16 or higher but then u see they got the majority of their W/L rate in negative, they never help the team to win.

or sometimes they play CTF, King of the Hill, etc. and they just camp to kill guys who never pay attention to them

so, yeah i think is ok, better 1.33 by the way u did than a 3.06 just cuz u camped in a zone doing nothing more than stole kills

> To me that’s bad.

How disrespectful.

If you’re playing against 99% of the population that’s god-awful at this game, you should have a 1.5+ easily.

However, if you play Throwdown all the time, 1.33 is a pretty good K/D.

> > To me that’s bad.
> How disrespectful.

lol. what?