Your thoughts about Halo 4.

Halo 4 is now just little under 2 weeks away from launch. From everything we’ve seen, heard, or read. What are you expectations for Halo 4? Do you think it will live to the hype and surpass all previous Halo games? What are you looking forward to doing once the game is in your hands such as campaign, multiplayer, forge, spartan ops. And what do you hope the developers have changed for the release of the game?

I have a good idea, but until I see the reviews and the last Bulletin before launch, my lips are sealed.

I hope that the DMR isn’t the wonder gun, and that the Carbine has the Fastest killtime of all the precision weapons to make up for it’s lower viability at longer ranges.

I think Halo 4 looks great.

I’m most excited about Campaign and Spartan Ops, but multiplayer looks promising too. Under two more weeks…

I expect great things, hopefully my expectations are met. I’m really excited about the campaign and continuing the story of MC and Cortana.

overall I expect it to be much better than reach (I know thats not saying much but still) but worse than halo 3.

I love the game from what I’ve seen but theres little things that bug me, still I think Halo 4 will be the best over all Halo game considering all its aspects like multiplayer, campaign, spartan ops.

I have no doubts about it’s campaign gameplay (Prometheans, AAs, guns, grenades, melee, movement, jump) or story.

But I fear the amount of scripted moments, lack of new options, and apparent lack of Theater may cripple replayability.

This post pretty much sums up my thoughts.

I’ve engaged in:

-easter eggs (hunting)
-tricking (collecting, altering cutscenes, launching)
-strategies (sniping spots, quick takedowns, stealth)
-setting my own rules (no using grenades, only using melees, killing every enemy)

And I love engineering big AI battles. I’d hate for all that to be neglected just for graphics and story. The Halo community is made up of more than just your average one-time play campaign. Halo is flexible and I’d like to see it stay that way.