Your Suggestions for 343 to fix the pay wall issues

I wanted a place here for Halo Fans to post their Ideas and suggestions for what 343 could do to change and improve Halo Infinite’s “micro-transactions” system that benefits both the Players and Developers. Reply with your Ideas and suggestions below.

My suggestion is to add a secondary in-game currency that can only be used to get customization options in the store but can’t be used to get Season Passes, Campaign, and Campaign DLC. How Players get the currency is through challenges, Season Pass unlocks, and uncommon and rarer Achievements. Personally, I just want to remove the ‘Free to Play’ aspect entirely by paying $40. That too should be an option.

I notice when sometimes we win a Halo Match the player recap says we lost and they won

to improve:

*Currently no rewards or point differential for winning a match. <additional 25pts> Not having this limits the benefit of double xp that are either earned or purchased

  • Currently no reward for performance <10% xp vs Points per Match i.e. 1,800 pts = 180xp
  • Currently no pts for medals. <additional 5pts or 10pts per medal. Possibly a coded lookup table making more difficult medals worth more points i.e running riot worth more than a killing spree.>

This would help make the game feel more immersive and rewarding. It would allow for additional progression based on skill and performance regardless of win/loss and it would help drive the purchase of Battlepass/double xp tokens.