Your Ship and Spartan

So basically, title says it all. Put your custom ship and then your custom Spartan. Squads of Spartans or ODST’s are allowed to but put all of the members of the squad. Layout should look a little like this:

Ship name:
Ship details (size, colour, armour ect):
Ship contents:
Number and type of crew members:
Ship Cargo (The vehicles and cargo it carries):
Other Information:

Spartan Name:
Spartan Tag:
Spartan Details (Colours, Armour ect and pictures are allowed):
Preferred loadout (Weapons, gadgets like hardlight shield ect):
If you really want to, encounters with MC:
Other Information:

Can’t wait to see these ships and Spartans! :smiley:
I’m going to wait for two or three replies and then I’ll post my ship and squad, and this post was inspired by a post I saw on the 343 Industries website.