Your "Top 5" for the Halo 4 Multiplayer.

This is similar to the “top 5 for TU” thread. Post your top 5 things you want to see for Halo 4 Multiplayer.

My top 5:

  1. Return of the Halo 2 ranking system but in a 1-100 form.
  2. The return of the battle rifle.
  3. Map Variety. BTB maps and smaller Arena style maps.
  4. AAs as pickups instead of starting powers.
  5. Movement/jump height more like previous halo titles.


For the sake of getting your feedback actually read and correlated, please try to keep to the “Top 5” format.

My Top 5

1-Battle Rifle
3-elite armor pieces ( if elites are in the game )
4-Beam Rifle, Focus rifle sucks ( if there’s any covie weapon )
5- Dual Wield

I personally would like to see fundamental changes which establish a solid foundation for the most basic point-and-shoot aspect of the game. All the content in the world is worthless if the basic action of pointing-and-shooting feels empty, unrewarding, awkward, choppy, or unpredictable. So…

  1. Reduce auto-aim / aim-magnetism
  2. Reduce headshot hitbox size
  3. Place the aiming reticle in the middle of screen, not in the lower 3rd
  4. 60fps multiplayer instead of 30fps
  5. Improve network (hit detection, latency-relative contest resolutions, remove host advantage).

My 2 cents…

  1. More customization all-around.
  2. NO map remakes.
  3. Nerfed melee and slightly higher weapon damage all-around.
  4. A large and redundant, balanced weapon sandbox.
  5. As little bullet magnetism as possible.

1. Halo 2 movement speed, jump height, shield strength and recharge speed, vehicle strength, kill times, melee bleed through, etc.

2. A few of the best remade maps, and good originals. At least 12 original maps and 3 remakes at launch. There also need to be more proper medium and large maps, for vehicles.

3. Variety in weapon choices; basically every single weapon from previous titles (obviously not all on the same map) as well as some new, decent weapons. A balanced sandbox would also be nice.

4. More playlist variety and a clear-cut line between ranked and social, as well as a proper ranking system.

5. Better Custom Game options that actually work, Custom Games Matchmaking, and a real map editor.

  1. Dedicated Servers. BOTs.

  2. A ranking system that actually means something. Like H2 or H3

  3. An engine that doesn’t make “objects far away, cheap to draw.” NO Imposter system.

  4. All similar size enemies from game should be playable characters. Like Brutes should have been all along.

  5. A forge system that allows you to manipulate size and possible scew of each forge object. Add skins to object to keep a variety of looks, so everything map doesn’t end up grey like all Forge World maps.

There are more, but this is most important.

1.semi auto Battle Rifle
2.flood in firefight
3.return to equipment (more than one use though)
4.ODST style firefight in matchmaking (survival, limited ammo)
5.Large multiplayer maps like Battlefield

1.CE Pistol
2.Good Maps
3.Balanced Sandbox
4.Ability to customize emblem
5.Ability to leave and join MM games

My top 5:

1: Dual Wields

2: An option for armor ‘sets’ so you can change all of your armor pieces at once to a preset armor, like MJOLNIR Mark V or ODST

3: Some good old remade Halo 3 maps! I know 343 announced they were only remaking maps that were only available on the Original XBox or PC, but I miss Sandtrap and Guardian! Besides, the Halo 3 servers are coming down soon anyway.

4: Halo: Reach weapons and tie a story line to them, like maybe in the campaign Master Chief finds the ship Jorge went into slipspace with.

5: A full zero gravity map. It could be an indoor map but you could rotate a full 360, like in a Sabre.

  1. Plasma Weapons to stun targets when hit (As Halo CE)

  2. Sorpion Tank to drive like Halo 3, but as powerful as Halo REACH.

  3. Turret Guns to be the same as Halo 3 (They are too weak in REACH).

  4. AA and Halo 3 Equipment accessible.

  5. More Control Machanics, (Zanizabar Gate Control) to be in Maps.

  6. Dual Weilding, this is a must for Halo (same as Halo 2, the Halo 3 system, dual weilding did 30% less damage, and this killed dual weilding in Halo 3).

> 5.Large multiplayer maps like Battlefield

Also the Battlefield Spawning System, would be awsome for BTB and Invasion.

Have Squads of 4, and you can leave and join as you like. (like PC Battlefield Bad Company 2) the xbox version Squad system sucks.

Also I think it is time that Halo was 24 or 32 Players Online.

BTB and Invasion would be the greatest, would also allow bigger map support.

The Standard 4 v 4 would still exist.

My Top 5 for Halo 4:

  1. More maps. I say again, MORE MAPS. And just in case I did not get my point across, I need several more multiplayer maps at the game’s release than there were in Reach. Remakes DO NOT COUNT.

  2. Balanced base traits. As in, I don’t want to have to pick sprint to move quickly. I don’t want to have to pick jet pack (or jump pack or whatever it’ll be) to move vertically. I want to spend more time fighting and less time heading for a fight.

  3. Grenades get a nerf. They are too powerful to be fun.

  4. No spam. The all-purpose weapon, whether it’s the BR or DMR or something new, should not be able to be spammed. At all.

  5. Dual wielding. It was a lot of fun in Halo 3 (and 2, but I didn’t play Halo 2), and I would welcome it back to Halo 4. But… it’s got to be done right. As in, dual wielding should be more powerful than a normal two-handed weapon. I want to be rewarded for taking the time and risk to equip two weapons.

A few things I DON’T want to see in Halo 4 Multiplayer:

NO superfast kill times. I loved Reach for enabling me to get the better of my enemy if I was attacked first. It was a good thing (perhaps the best thing) in Reach.

NO moratorium on Armor Abilities. I like AAs. I feel they could have been implemented better, and that’s what I want to see in Halo 4.

I personally am unsure of vehicle control. Reach introduced a sort of inertia or momentum to the vehicles and movement… I feel like on race maps with the mongoose you can’t steer quick enough… well it won’t do you any good because inertia/momentum>the direction you want to turn. I understand it feels more realistic and all but I miss the old driving mechanics. Reinstate the vehicle health mechanics. Give me a separate bar similar to the Saber in LNOS so I know what I’m working with please.

Warthog: Make the passenger seat worth sitting in… either by giving the player extra cover… shield… better damage… anything. Just give me a reason to fill in that last seat. The rocket hog was an absolute failure in my eyes… didn’t do enough damage at all. Make it a bit faster. In Reach I could pretty much outrun the mongoose and warthog so it didn’t serve any purpose transportation wise.

Mongoose: Make it faster and more lightweight. Make it actually possible to kill someone with it. Just an idea but maybe let you shoot and drive at the same time… nahh sounds weird.

Ghost: It, in my opinion, looks terribly plain in Reach. I just… that purple is not complimenting… anyway. Make them a bit more powerful… and make the boost like it used to be, fast and infinite.

Banshee: Make the button map back like it used to be instead of press Y to switch. Make them faster and less powerful. See Halo 3.

Chopper: It was perfect in my eyes <33

Elephant: Make it a bit faster, allow the back to be closed similar to Halo Wars’ version of it when you played as Cutter. Make them destructable instead of invulnerable.

Phantoms and Pelicans don’t belong in Multiplayer… much too big… not enough purpose… but something with a lot of seats… similar to the falcon… and the elephant… that flies… I could see use for that.

Scarabs… again… mostly pointless… I’d like to see something like a “downed” scarab that you could take the gun and use it like a turret… idk… pretty dumb haha sorry.

  1. Dual-Wielding

  2. A skill based ranking system.

  3. Varied forge canvases.

  4. A Firefight experience similar to ODSTs. (Limited Ammo, Survival [not about credits])

  5. Perfectly balancing the favor of casual and competative gaming.

lol. I find it funny how things like the skin of a weapon can make the game for a lot of you guys.

I could care less if my spartan was holding a flower that shot pedals as long as it goes with my top 5;

  1. Return to real Halo gameplay. Too much to describe, but anyone with experience will know what I am talking about.

  2. The largest skill gap in any Halo. (since I could fill my “list of 5” 10 times over with just things to increase the skill gap I will include them all in one.

  3. Arena style maps. This doesn’t mean symmetrical Warlock style for every map. Just please stop trying to make realistic maps in Halo filled with a bunch of clutter, and please for the love of God don’t take maps from campaign.

  4. Good matchmaking.

  5. Ranked (1-50 style) and unranked. You can have the separate ranks one based on skill and one on experience/time played, but reward players for playing ranked and doing well (winning) in ranked.

  1. Halo 2 BR
  2. Matchmaking ranking system
  3. No Armor Abilities
  4. Maps that aren’t made from campaign levels
  5. A Halo 2 multiplayer/mlg feel
  1. Make things go back to like they were in Halo 2/3 (Br, jump height, NO fall damage, 1-50 ranks With the status bars like in h2, with a mixture of halo 3’s recruit-general style ranks for social, equipment, NO AA’s!!, Competitive, super jumps/glitches if only for customs)

  2. Better forge give it more power like modding, where you can completely re design things. Like change damage of specific weapons, or make different projectiles come out like make sniper bullets come out of a br, or a platform comes out of a plasma pistol, or a rocket goes super slow and is like a mini nuke.

  3. Actually pay attention to the story from the books (which fans read) for example Reach didn’t happen that way, read the book. There was no noble team. (btw master chief could have kicked there as 6v1, like tex did in that one red vs blue

  4. Get Marty back! Halo isn’t right without Marty O’donnell.

  5. A healthy source of maps.

  1. all the weapons from every halo game
  2. all the vehicles from every halo game
  3. a ranking system for raking and a cR system for the armory
  4. lots more armor in the armory, not utilities and things like that
  5. bigger maps for big team and smaller maps for smaller teamed game types
    5.5 and of cource a spectacular story unlike this reach crap
  1. duel weilding
  2. the br or a br type weapon
  3. no hitscans (as long as Halo 4s netcoding is awesome)
  4. Fast movement speed, jump, strafe acceleration

> 1. duel weilding
> 2. the br or a br type weapon
> 3. no hitscans (as long as Halo 4s netcoding is awesome)
> 4. Fast movement speed, jump, strafe acceleration

some other things that I want but their not my top 5
-no bloom
-better ranking. 1-100 would be awesome
-no AAs.
-no loadouts except for invasion and ff.
-return of the firebombs. Those were sooooo much fun to use. who doesn’t like burning the opposing team
-speaking of burning. The return of the flame thrower
-low bullet magnitism
-make duelweilding fun. For some reason I didn’t find it fun in halo 3. But it was hella fun in halo 2 for some reason. I think it was because of the awesome pistols.
-revamped forge
-a bright colored art style like halo 3 and CE.