Your prediction of the final mission??

What’s your vision of the last mission of H4? And try to predict something about the ending.

I think the last level will involve a vehicle run with a time limit, and I think the ending will have a cliff hanger making you wonder if Cortana died or survived.

It will be Epic.

> It will be Epic.

Lol, that’s not much of a prediction. Still lol’n

Anyway, I predict it’s going to be another Hog race, hopefully escaping from Requiem to the UNSC Infinity.

Didact/Cortana related cliffhanger.

> I think the last level will involve a vehicle run with a time limit

I hope not. It was cool in H:CE and it was a nice bit of nostalgia in H3. But if that’s the end of H4, I will be pretty disappointed.

Maybe have it where there is a holdout section where you have to fight waves and waves of enemies, and then at the end of it there is a sorta boss fight. Not like H2s. It’d be where it’s some super-mook with 4x Overshields. His shields wouldn’t recharge past the previous shield. IE: You take one of his 4x shields and he’d be down to 3x shields. Maybe even make it where he can recharge his shields to full by powering up, and you’d have to interrupt it with an assassination move or maybe a QTE. It be more about pure skill then waiting for some character to use their magically beam rifle to give you an opening.

Master Chief in a Cyclops fighting the Didact in a War Sphinx.

MasterChief stomps a mud hole. That is all.

Trying to stop the Didact from sending his Promethean army out of Requiem.

Hoooooooog Ruuuuuuuun.

I hope a cliffhanger with Cortana. I am one of the few people apparently who liked Halo 2’s ending the most out of all the games. Halo 3’s was also good.


It’ll have guns. I know that much.

I think it will start with the gun pointed at the head of the universe, or a fight with whoever the ancient enemy is, or the Didact or something along those lines.

Next we go around breaking stuff to look tough, followed by a final run, probably Warthog related.

You know, standard Halo fare.

Vehicle run for the love of God vehicle run.

MC and a squad of marines interogating an engineer or MC removing his helmet and battling a group of Elites…yeah I’m not to creative.

I would suggest an unoriginal vehicle run…but it’s a vehicle run…and unoriginal.

So I’d go with a battle to end all battles. Chief kicking the Didact in the tuckus.

You don’t leave Requiem because Spartan Ops is still set 6 months after Halo 4 ends. So I’m sure the ending will be anti-climatic.


I want a Hog run they were always so fun.

If its me driving a warthogs - with some kind of timer running down …

I will be upset

10 Scarabs, 10 War Sphinxes, didacts cryptium, 100 scorpions, wraiths banshee’s e.c.t UNSC mammoths everywhere firing at the scarabs, the UNSC infinity THROWING out troops, Lord Hoods rescue fleet arrives, warthog run to the frigate, Promethean troops destroying everything, Halo Ring above everything is going crazy! Slipspace rupture’s everywhere then something weird happend, everyone is teleported, omg we’re in McDonalds! then I realise i’m just dreaming and need to get back to work, mmm burgers.