Your opinion on warzone turbo

I liked it and I’m glad I got to use the reqs I never got to use

I only use it for DMR kills, otherwise I hate it, especially on Raid on Apex 7, with mantis’ camping on the spire:(

Meh, its ok. Basically standard Warzone while making it more toward P2W. It was fun using 4 speed boosts and a energy sword tho. FASTER THAN SANIC

Whatever makes them money I guess

Sounded good on paper but really isnt

It was not my favorite thing to do, but I can see how others would have enjoyed it.

It was fun but I thought they could of came up with some thing better maybe with a new objective.

Plus turbo was still pretty bad for farming and nobody paid attention to the objective.

While it was fun to play it got really un-balanced real quick with one team spawning in scorpions and banshees.

very unbalanced i hate it

I enjoyed it but It ate all my REQ’s :frowning:

I liked it. I was able to use a bunch of gauss hogs in order to get the to the gauss commendation. Also the XP and REQ point boost was a nice upgrade compared to “normal” Warzone.

It was fun being able to use the high level REQS from the start, but I don’t have any REQs left.

I thought it was fun I could see how people consider it unbalanced if you don’t have a lot of reqs like some people do I don’t really see how it was pay to win though I’d go 40 something and 7 and we’d still lose I mean unless a whole team was unleashing loads of high reqs and the other team wasn’t using anything maybe but still I was just glad to be able to finish off a few commendations