Your Opinion about gametype, playlist, or etc

*Note I’ll will be monitoring the page but not really replying
*Note I play almost all playlist but what listed is what standout the most to me.

As Halo players, I ask for your opinion about some gametypes, playlist or suggestion about Halo 4?

Do you prefer HiveMind or Flood?

I personally like both but both have its ups and downs.

Downside of Flood and Hivemind

In Flood
The flood and thruster packs(need I say more?)
Certain Maps have camping spots where if number of flood < number of humans than it becomes nearly impossible to kill them
Hardlight-shield loadout…why?

In Hivemind
Sparse power weapons that depends where you spawn
Magnum and AR ordinance drops (Why?)
SAW+camping+Last Man Standing = Easy Killionaire - not bueno

Upside of Flood and Hivemind

In Flood
Game could end pretty quick.
Flood melee is One-Hit Kill and so is the human melee (I think)
Fast Pace

In Hivemind
It closer to what you would expect in a zombie/mutant outbreak
New way to play flood

Room for improvement
It been said before but nerf the flood Thruster back by some degrees.

New addition to the loadout that include loadouts that have no AA but have Tactical or Support Mods such as Nemesis, Wetworks, sensor, and etc…

The ability to pick up fallen fellow human weapons.

Flood hits are back to being one-hit-kill.

The ability to pick up fallen fellow human weapons.

Human don’t have loadout but Flood do such as AA as Promethean Vision or tactial/support mods such as nemesis, sensor, and etc…

I believe it would make playing as the flood more fun and bearable

I believe that a Halo Reach version of Alpha Zombie or Living dead should be added as a gametype for Flood. Player will have the option to either play Flood-Hivemind-LivinDead

Is it me or is it time for a solo Action Sack Playlist? Such as Juggernaut, Single Swat, Laser Tag, PaintBall, Speed Halo, Jump Rope, Snipe-A-Mole, and etc…

Also should Team Action Sack should have more gametype made by the community?

Do you think the Theater will be improved to like it was in previous Halo Games where you can replay campaign, MM, Forge, and Spartan Ops videos?

Other suggestion for Halo 4.
Return of the Veto system for Maps.
More selection of Maps then most like liked or played.
Return of Search Preferences.
Return of Temporary bans for quitters
More Community Support.
Ability to drop or toss flag in CTF.
Return of Falcon in Halo 4.

What do you think?