Your new game-type ideas here =]

Post your game-type ideas here.

Simply state wether its teamed, multi teamed, FFA. How the scoring works and the general unique features it would have. And of course the game modes name

You must also state whether its for use in actual multiplayer playlists or as fun game to play in customs.

Be creative please and think of some good ideas =]

Reserved for good ideas. Sorry if I spell your GT wrong

Hunt by 1 RyanW 1

Conversion by II P u r 3 II

Assassin or traitior or paranoia by ran and shai

Warefare or stategic asset by aThomasKid

Generator defence (seems very appropriate) by avak124

Walker slayer (add locusts) by Vancouva

Team Slayer: 4v4

This play list would highlight traditional Halo game play. It would have armor abilities and sprint disabled. It would feature on map weapon spawns with radar enabled. Getting shot while scoped would result in descoping.

I know this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but I feel like there has been such an emphasis on “innovating” in recent titles that things that had already been gotten right are falling through the cracks. Depending on your definition, halo 5 including team slayer at launch would be the first time a Halo game offered the original team slayer experience at launch since Halo 3.

Infection + Slayer + Dominion
Each team spawns in a base and can capture it.
While you do not gain points through the capturing and holding bases, you do get vehicles, ordnance, and a place to spawn.
In order to get points, you must earn kills on enemy players.
But what really makes this gametype special is that when killed by an enemy player, you are converted to their team.

-4 v 4 v 4
-No Part Chat allowed.
-Played on Dominion maps.
-Categorized in Multi-Team in the Social Playlists.

How about a “Secret Juggernaut” or maybe “Assasin”?

The Juggernaut looks identical to everyone else, except that he gets a Gravity Hammer as a secondary and a Shotgun as a primary (but he can only kill players with the Hammer). Meanwhile, the other players get a Shotgun as a primary and a Plasma Pistol as a secondary. The PP can be used to prove to your friendlies that you are not the Juggernaut, but switching to it will place you in risk of getting hammered (as you can only kill the Jugg with a Shotgun)

People will have to constantly -Yoinks!- the situation and decide whether they trust someone or they believe him to be the Juggernaut, and everyone will have to constantly switch between their weapons to gain trust or, if you’re the Juggernaut, to kill. Anyone can kill each-other, but shooting someone who isn’t a Juggernaut when you aren’t the Jugg either will lower your score. The Juggernaut has no real adavantage in this mode, as both the Hammer and the Shotgun are one-hit-kills (when used properly).


Team based

Not good with names.

A multi-objective gametype similar to invasion , dominion or assault from UT2004 , but with more players and maps specifically tailored to it. Using the Infinity’s simulator , the maps are recreation of important events from halo’s history like the Assault of the Control Room, Delta Halo , when spartan 3’s assaulted the Convent base from Ghost of Onyx , or even the events in First strike. The attacker team must either hack , breach a door using a bomb , destroy a certain object , press a button , capture a certain area , or kill a target , until they get to the final objective which can include steal something or destroy something like a power core . The defending team must protect the objectives , if they fail, the attacker get a extra 3-5 mins . There are extra side objectives for both sides. In this game mode the player count should be around 32 vs 32 and 16 v 16 . It can be either SvS, SvE , or Marines vs Elites.

Players can use armor abilities and equipment that more encourages teamwork more so than the current ones

A space battle version should play like this

Not very imaginative, but does anyone remember Generator Defence from Reach? The Fire-fight game-type?

I’m surprised something like this hasn’t been introduced yet, perhaps you have to defend some-thing the size of a Extraction point (machine, extractor, thingymagig, whatever) considering that the Generator from Reach would be two big.

You could have the separate rounds, where one team attacks and one team attacks, or you could just give teams their own separate “points” and have a attack/defend game-type, teams could even get more than one “point” to defend.

Perhaps for Custom Game options you could make it so only melee could damage it meaning you had to get close and power weapons wouldn’t just completely annihilate it, or have the option to turn on/off its damage indicator (if you know what I mean, hope you do) for certain points.
Remember in Generator Defence that you could turn on shields for the Generators, and how they had to go down once the generator got too hot? Don’t see why there can not be the option for that too.

I could see it being played both competitively and casually, not sure on the competitive side though.

What to call it? I have no idea :slight_smile:

Mantis Slayer

Everyone spawns in a Mantis and instead of having weapons on the map there are vehicle attachments (similar to Lost Planet). You can swap out your weapons for other things like Rail guns, Spartan Lasers, or Gauss guns. Since these things are on the map they would provide incentive to take certain parts of the map and hold areas. Your Mantis is also upgraded from the one in H4, now all of the Mechs have built in Thruster packs. I think this could be a fun game type for vehicle lovers and people wouldn’t have to fight over who gets the Mantis anymore.


the sandbox game mode would be a single or multiplayer game mode. the player/s would start in a base with every weapon and variant power and loadout weapons. Along with a garage with every vehicle. forge is also like this but you also have the ability to spawn enemies both covenant and promethean. from grunts and crawlers to mythic wardens and grunt goblins in arenas and out in the open. there would not be any scoring and you would play it in customs