Your Multiplayer Wishlist for Halo xbox one

Hello halo community, below is my personal wishlist for the multiplayer of the next halo game. I believe that changing the core gameplay of halo has damaged it, but not beyond the point of repair. now some may argue that taking away the loadouts,Armor abilities and upgrades is just devolving halo, but sometimes when you take a risk there is no reward.

IMO Halo must go back to the classic feel to bring it’s dying online population back up to the top where it belongs. All of the things that halo 4 and reach added to halo can still be available to you, just put them on the map for people to fight for. Halo used to be about balance and equality, now they just try to speed up gameplay by stuffing so many new things down our throats that I forgot what traditional Halo felt like.

I played the Halo 2 campaign (well just the first 3 missions) yesterday and by god that game is a masterpiece for its time. if flows amazingly, it just feels so good.

So enough talking -Yoink- here is my wishlist:

Multiplayer wishlist:

  1. No AA, no perks, no upgrades (these all unbalance game play and make it not even)

  2. More and better game modes/playlists (yes halo does need to evolve, but not by changing the gameplay, i believe that if 343i had the classic gameplay and introduced very advanced new never before seen game modes, that this would make halo feel fresh not broken.

  3. On some maps have events that change the map

  4. Elites in multiplayer (they could be easily balanced, or just have a separate playlist for them only)

  5. Dual wielding (i want my SMG PISTOL combo back)

  6. Weapons and equipment and power-ups on map (that way you fight for map control, not for a killstreak reward)

  7. Higher player count in big team and possibly other playlists

  8. No sprint or fix it (yes it speeds up gameplay, but it slows down kill times, if they can find a way to implement sprint into it while balancing it i am all for it, but halo reach and halo 4 just didn’t flow like halo 1, 2 and 3 and i believe it has alot to do with sprint)

  9. Have a game mode that has Ai’s on your team? ( I think that this would be frickin awesome, like maybe it belongs in firefight but still imagine having you and 3 mates with a team of marines versing another team with marines. or even versing an elite or other covenant team?)

  10. More vehicles

Alright so that is mine, now feel free to tell me yours below.