Your matchmaking SUUUUCKs. From a 58% win rate to 40%

I dont play ranked games. But all my social games are full of try hards And right now im losing a lot. Before all my play sessions was 50% or 56% wins. Right now is 44% or less.
Also i play solo. I think the game wants me to reach 40% in total of my wins. STUPID Matchmaking


58% to 40% That is awsome !!! You have earned it. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

If its non-ranked modes, winning/losing doesnt matter in this game.


It’s social, so why does it matter if you win or lose?


I have a 30% Win percentage in this game, I pretty much gave up caring about it

All the threads about forced 50% win rate. Did they change something with matchmaking?

It doesn’t, but the fact it still records it, is a joke. Why call it social if it records your performance just like a ranked mode or basically have it coexist? If you don’t see why his is problematic at all for the bad matchmaking in this game, I won bother.

It doesn’t matter in the slightest in social, so it’s not problematic at all. It recording it is irrelevant.

If your worried about winning in social, you’re taking the game way too seriously. You’re creating your own problem for yourself.

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The “try hards” generally pop in during busy hours. I recommend going into settings and trying either “focused” or “expanded” matchmaking.

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yeah i dont agree with this either. i wonder why they cant separate it…

i think the issue isn’t so much matchmaking as it is the limited pool of players. Most people playing pvp are people who are good at the game and have friends they probably communicate with. anyone else who wants to play casually are playing against bots or playing custom games, so you won’t get to fight those people.

matchmaking has been a bit better. win rate doesnt really matter. what matters is, are you nearly winning matches.

I take it you are volunteering to continually match against stacked onyx teams and have brand new players as your team mates? I’m sure you would still enjoy yourself just as much right? Maybe you would like it if they stopped displaying the score in social modes and just had a timer counting down…

Winning is fun, hard fought losses can be fun too. Getting curb stomped repeatedly is less fun. That’s why all moden shooters have SBMM. If someones win rating is significantly less than 50% they are almost certainly getting more than their fair share of stompings.

Couldn’t tell you if they’re stacked teams or not. Played people worse then me, and those who were better. Never had an issue losing matches, even the worst type of matches where my team is clearly ignoring the objectives while the other one was.

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, and I almost never have any issue with it. The worst I ever got a little annoyed was having a teammate that ran me over with vehicles multiple times that I was starting to feel he did it intentionally.

SBMM is the reason why infinite social MM sucks. Destiny just implemented a SBMM and nobody likes it their either.

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For all the complaining about SBMM, I find it hugely unlikely that every popular FPS has implemented it (and kept it) despite a majority of their customers disliking it.

Seems more likely that forums such as these a bit of an echo chamber, frequented largely by better than average players, who liked being able to relax and stomp new/unskilled players and don’t alway appreciate that being taken away from them.

I’d even be willing to bet that a large percentage of players that most benefit from SBMM have never heard it talked about and don’t even know what it is.

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Well this game has a strong SBMM and OP is complaining about how he went from a 58% win rate to 40%. Does not sound like a fair MM system to me. You recommended that Infinite should use SBMM (it already does), I’m guessing you are not happy with the state of MM in this game either.

As a person who is less skilled than the average players i too feel like the SBMM does not improve the MM experience. In this game in particular it makes online matches more sweaty than they have every been in any other Halo. When player counts drop SBMM just makes finding games harder and harder.

I guess other games have lighter SBMM than infinite or something.

I don’t think Infinite has great SBMM but as an average player myself I think it would be much worse without it. From my experience the WInter Update loosened up the SBMM quite a bit when using the local region option (haven’t tried it on expanded region).

I never understand when people complain that SBMM makes matches more sweaty. A match is only sweaty if two things are both true; you really want to win and the teams are closely matched. One of those is entirely up to you the other is a measure of whether the SBMM is doing it’s job well.

I will agree that SBMM can be problematic when the player base really drops off but it can be patched out late in the games lifespan.

“The way I enjoy the game is how it’s supposed to be enjoyed. Your personal preference and how you enjoy it contradict my personal preference, and how it’s supposed to be enjoyed, you’re WRONG”.

Am I in the ballpark with that?
Now of course it’s not just that single quote but the whole range of posts you’ve made here.

In a 4v4 match this is how these two things work out in infinite (from what I have seen).

If 1 or more players in a game do not play to win then the games do not end up being close. If the games are not close SBMM is not doing its job, it might as well not be in the game. The team with the player(s) that go for “fun” almost always loses.

If everyone sweats and plays to win then the games end up being close. If the games are close SBMM did it’s job well.

Personally, I had more fun in games with CBMM and looser SBMM games for non ranked playlists than what Infinite offers. For ranked, yeah sure crank that SBMM to the max but social should not punish players for taking it chill. That’s how I see it at least.

I think all games should let you pick between a connection based, a skill based, or a region based MM system. Letting people who care to get the types of games they want.