Your Main Loadout In Halo 4

My main loadout in Halo 4, as an FFA player :

Primary: Magnum
Secondary: DMR (for when I need to snipe)
Grenade: Pulse
AA: Hologram
Tactical Package: Shielding
Support Upgrade: Stealth

The Magnum has always been a favourite, so I’ll switch to it whenever I start. It’s effective in close and mid-range, and with it’s fast-rate of fire and fast reload (complemented by dexterity), it’s my death-star. Yeah, I know it hurts my K/D to not just use an appropriate primary, but I can’t separate myself from it - not to mention everyone and their brothers are using the DMR.

Hologram became simply amazing after trying it in Reach. Watch your radar and set it out just before making contact with your enemy and you almost always end up with a two shot advantage on your opponent! Also good for drawing fire before ACTUALLY exposing yourself.

The Pulse Grenade looks like something that could be useful when trying to get away. I’ve always used grenade as a “stay back” tool.

Shielding so my shields can recharge faster after an engagement

Stealth so I can stay well hidden, unseen nor heard while I rack up the kills

What’s your main loadout, and why do you think it’s effective?