Your literally killing the hype

please just give us information. We all need to get 343 to release information if we don’t it will literally kill halo

Of course it won’t, don’t be silly. Despite what people will say, 343i have actually been keeping the franchise alive and fresh what with new content in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and with the release of Halo: Shadows of Reach.

If Infinite comes out and it’s amazing, all the negativity and ambiguity they’ve allowed to stew around it so far won’t ultimately ruin its success. It will impact momentum going into launch, though, which is a silly and entirely preventable quagmire.

As things sit right now, 343i seems either unable or unwilling to quash the ever-mounting concerns people have about Infinite and their handling of it. To me, it’s not a matter of them needing to release much new information or content so much as it is that they desperately need to convince their prospective customers that they’ve got their heads on straight and have a credible and solid plan. Ever since the delay, it’s been nothing but shakeups of varying size and impact. They can’t put a positive enough spin on the miniscule amount of news we have received (Coatings come to mind), either.

Final judgment must be reserved for the final product, but 343i is doing themselves less than no favors by allowing the funk that’s fermenting around their reputation and Infinite’s rumor mill to continue to expand.

I do wanna see more info since I am worried about this game but still excited and since game is delayed there’s no excuse now for beta to not happen.

While I am myself very impatient for news, trailers, gameplay… so on… I don’t think this is killing Halo.
I would consider myself an uber-fan of the entire series. Games through books, but I hardly check out the forums or news. I only do when I see something pop up in my Instagram feed.
I imagine there are a lot like me who, while impatient, are happy to wait. Or maybe more specifically, accept that they must wait and will look forward to the resulting release.
I imagine there are far, far, far more fans who mightn’t specifically fall into the hard “Halo-fan” category and might more just be consumers who enjoy a new Halo game. Many of them likely will not be hanging on for Halo news, so much as they’re just looking forward to whatever new game/content releases.

I tend to find, that regardless of the game/story/novel/industry, the loudest voices either in positive or negative make up the minority of that services/products consumers.
The majority tend to not make a whole lot of fuss.
I stress “tend” there, because I know that isn’t all of the time or rule of thumb.

We should see multiplayer gameplay soon like Chris promised us.

How difficult can it be to get permission to upload a full match of Halo Infinite Team Slayer played by their pro teams? That’s all we need to see.

I think the hype for Infinite is basically dead at the moment and has been for a bit unfortunately. All these blotched promotions for the game aren’t helping either…

The only way hype will return is when 343I shows multiplayer (or lets us try it!!) And it looks, sounds and runs great!

After 2 flops I don’t have a lot of hope with 343.

In terms of my hype, the E3 stand in event brought it into high gear, promotions gave it a flat tire, Shadows Of Reach tried to patch it up, but then Armor Coatings crashed into it, at 120MPH, and 343 better have something up their sleeve, because a fire has started, and it’s heading straight for the gas tank.

I agree. Though if the game launches perfectly then a lot of people will forget the negativity however that won’t change the fact they are losing potential customers. It’s a mainline game for Xbox and some people are convinced it’s a bad game and won’t get it as of now, and that concept of people losing interest is only going to get worse.

it’s baffling honestly. They have put literally no fears to rest at all. Nothing, nada. Impatience is one thing, but what they are doing here is making their own situation worse. We should have gotten something start/middle October, and now I feel like they aren’t going to bother maybe until October next year.

I feel like 343’s decisions with Halo Infinite is killing the hype rather than the lack of information.

Free to play multiplayer, microtransactions, a dull looking sandbox from the reveal…

The more 343 reveals about the game the more and more I grow disappointed with Halo Infinite.

I think some of you are jumping the gun way too quick, just like all the other times before. Be patient. The game isn’t going to die just because the game devs haven’t told you what flavor of soda is in this week. And while the whole armor coating controversy hasn’t exactly hit the mark for me, I’m more interested in what the game is going to be like.

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